Silver Stem Nederland Boulder Area

Nederland, Colorado

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1 W 1st St #1, Nederland, CO 80466
License information License information 402R-00116,402-00831
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Very good prices considering the quality and freshness of the products they have. I've become a regular in a matter of days. Easily recommendable dispensary.

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Spencer Blake

While the prices were pretty similar to other places I've visited, I think the quality here exceeds theirs. You can sense the freshness in the aroma of the buds you get. It's been a very positive experience for me and I'll come back without a doubt. It's always fun finding good stores like this one.

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Kristy Lewis

Extremely professional people and a very cool overall atmosphere. I went there a couple of times and will be returning for sure. This is gonna be the first place I look towards whenever I wanna buy something.

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