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Chicago, Illinois

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810 West Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60607
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Flower 4
OCD Miracle by INNOCENT 32.38
Margalope by INNOCENT 55.56
Durban Margy by INNOCENT 18.25
Open Harmony by DAZE OFF 80.61
Edibles 3
10:1 Tropical Blend [10pk] (10mg) by The Botanist 26.47
Vape 4
Clementine [300mg] by The Botanist 28.37
Cali O by The Botanist 70.21
Blue Dream 0.5g by The Botanist 36.17
Cantaloupe Haze 0.3g by VERANO 32.62
PreRoll 4
Afternoon Delight [1g] by &Shine 28.37
Oracle [.5g] by INNOCENT 36.51
Margalope [.5g] by INNOCENT 36.51
Fast Times Minis [.4g] by Miss Grass 31.75
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