List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains for ADD / ADHD

ADD/ADHD is a spectrum of behavioral issues, including an inability to concentrate, poor social interaction, inability to maintain a conversation, restlessness, and more. Although there is no way to pinpoint the actual cause, most researchers consider it a genetic disorder. It is non-curable, but certain medicines, therapy, and intense exercise regimes can calm the mind and induce concentration. One such solution is marijuana for ADHD patients.

Although the condition is ubiquitous among children, weed is not for underage use. The choice of the species (Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid) or the THC/CBD ratio depends on an individual’s need. For people with anxiety or impulsive thoughts, its better to choose high CBD content species. For creativity and better concentration, better to choose THC dominant strains.

Check out our list of top cannabis strains for ADHD and ADD. We also have created a list of popular strains for arthritispain, and muscle spasm.

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