List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains for Anorexia

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health revealed that 8 million Americans (seven million females and one million males) suffer from an eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa often referred to simply as anorexia, leads the list. It appears as a weight loss, food restriction, mood swings, a fear of gaining weight, and a strong desire to be skinny. Currently, there is a wide range of anorexia treatments and medical cannabis is one of them.

There are two core things anorexia weed strains can do to combat the disease. First, the intake of marijuana stimulates the metabolism. That, in turn, boosts appetite and intensifies taste experience. The Columbia University study showed that THC (the cannabinoid found in cannabis) leads to an increase in caloric consumption and weight gain in HIV-positive patients. Just like anorexia, HIV is marked by decreased appetite and weight loss. Another benefit of consuming weed strains for anorexia is a user-friendly experience of such treatment. Unlike traumatizing usage of feeding tubes, inhaling smoke does not harm one’s psychological and physical health.

Medical cannabis, thanks to its vivid chemistry, boosts the release of dopamine that results in a mood increase. The cannabinoids and terpenes also help to relax muscles, reduce anxiety, and combat stress. For you, we have collected the best weed strains for anorexia. We also have listings of weed strains for PMS and fibromyalgia.

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