List of the Best Pinene Strains

Cannabis lovers can note a variable blend of aroma and taste in weed. From the first toke, this mix can be associated with the smell of burning, but once the primary impression is gone, smokers start to indicate flavor that is reminiscent of different fruits or plants.  

Taste of Pinene Terpene Strains

Looking for a perfect strain, some pay attention to THC and CBD ratio while others base their decisions on flavor. The deep knowledge of cannabis terpenes helps consumers to make their choice depending on fragrance preferences. One of the most common terpenes is pinene, which can be found in pine trees, rosemary, and cannabis. This cannabinoid is usually used in medicine, cosmetology, insecticides, and flavoring. It is worth noticing that modern medicine is so highly developed that it can produce synthetic pinene. There are two types of this cannabinoid – alpha-pinene and beta-pinene.

Strains high in pinene are praised for their close-to-nature aroma and taste that some describe as energizing. Moreover, the piney shades have a refreshing effect, so does the minty and lime flavor. Once unpacked, the emerged scent of pinene terpene strains fills the room right away, giving smokers a feeling of being surrounded by forest. 

Recreational and Medical Application of Strains with Pinene

Pinene dominant strains are often used for facilitating relaxation and enhancing mood. Their refreshing effect produces a boost of energy and motivation along with pleasure. 

Pinene has a proven medical application. High pinene strains are considered physical and mental relievers. The common usage of these strains reveals in struggling with inflammations, tumors, and microbes. Many reports that they help in combating pain, nausea, and muscle tension. There are cases when this terpene works against depression, stress, and anxiety, as well as helps us lower pulse and blood pressure. Strains like Runtz and Skywalker are also known to produce a prominent anti-microbial effect due to the presence of pinene.

Pinene Weed Strains

Cannabis strains with pinene terpene work in synergy with the THC content. They have comparatively more CBD content than other terpene strains. CBD-rich strains with high pinene are Crescendo, Gelato, and Orange Creamsicle. Besides, they also include additional terpenes as myrcene, ocimene, limonene, etc. Those marijuana strains have a moderate THC level that is balanced by up to 7% of CBD, so that they can be used by smokers of any experience. 

Those looking for potent THC dominant marijuana can explore Gizmo and Citrus Farmer. Their THC spans from 22% to almost 28%, so novice users are better to steer clear from them.

For you, we have collected the most popular strains with pinene. We also have listings of strains with “limonene” and “humulene.”

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