List of the Most Popular Sage Tasting Cannabis Strains

Sage flavored strains are suitable for experienced smokers who like to experiment with flavors. This cannabis tastes like sage due to genetics. The effects are different for each marijuana, but we have selected two of the most popular kushes for you. Using their example, we will consider the properties of strains with a sage scent.

Honey Bud is a rare one, but it is quite famous for its excellent scent. This strain got its name because of the prevalence of honey taste, but sage is also present here. This cocktail makes this marijuana a very sweet mix. Many smokers also talk about the sour taste of tropical fruits. The effects are as vivid as the taste. Consumers feel euphoric and energized. They also note that it was easier for them to cope with tasks. Most often, this strain is used before the workday, but you need to be careful because you can be locked on the couch.

King Henry VIII strain can be considered a mystical strain due to its unknown origin. Herbs, sage, and sour citrus are present in its taste and scent. The smell is not very bright, and also does not cause disgust. This cannabis has become very popular due to its type of high, which starts with the flow of thoughts. At the same time, the mood becomes better, as well as a desire to communicate with people. The smokers felt the urge to giggle, but their minds did generate a lot of thoughts. This marijuana strain is used to cope with depression, stress, chronic fatigue.

Therefore, as we can see, strains with the same sage smelling can have different properties. For you we have also prepared Berry and Pepper tasting strains.

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