List of the Most Popular Terpineol-dominant Cannabis Strain

Terpenes are the natural fragrant oils that are produced by cannabis plants along with CBD and THC. Simply put, they are the essential oils that are in charge of smell, taste, and even the effects of particular strains. The term terpineol is used to describe any combination of four closely related terpenes. Yet, not only terpineol is found in marijuana but is also present in tea trees, pine, bitter orange, and up to 150 other sources. That explains its wide usage in the perfume and pharmacy industries.

Pot lovers usually choose high Terpineol strains because of their sweet lime flavor and pleasant fragrance. Many people compare it to the aroma of fresh lilacs. Cannabis strains with Terpineol are also known for their ability to improve our well-being and overall health. Terpineol has antioxidant, antispasmodic, antibacterial, and antiviral effects. Moreover, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The Jack Herer, White Widow and GSC are the most popular terpineol terpene weed strains.

The combination of a pleasant aroma and taste alongside with health benefits is a key to their success. For you, we have collected the most popular strains with Terpineol. You might also like checking out our listing of strains with Myrcene and Linalool.

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