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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Strain Review


Willie Nelson strain will make you feel uplifted with your mind clear and your senses boosted. This Sativa hybrid is a favorite among artists especially those who need a cerebral push.

Willie Nelson strain will make you feel uplifted with your mind clear and your senses boosted. This Sativa hybrid is a favorite among artists especially those who need a cerebral push.

The Willies Nelson strain was named after the famous country singer and cannabis activist – Willies Nelson. As the story goes, the singer tried it once and bought the entire first crop. The strain won Best Sativa in the 2005 Cannabis Cup.

The strain makes its consumers giggle and gives an uplifting high with a refreshing taste as well. It has scents of pine and lemongrass. Willie Nelson marijuana strain offers you everything of the legend; good vibes, good times and creativity.

A Sativa, Indica, Or Hybrid?

The Willie Nelson weed is a pure Sativa strain. This is a perfect one for morning use. it is often used by those looking to stay clear from the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression.

What Is The THC/CBD Ratio?

Willie Nelson has high Sativa content at 60% and Indica is 40%.

The strain has a THC level of between 17 % and 22% and averages at 20%. This makes it one of the strong strains there is out there. The CBD level is quite low at around 1%. Despite this low CBD, users agree on the euphoric associated with smoking this strain.

What Is The History Of Willie Nelson Weed?

How was it developed?

Willie Nelson marijuana is a Sativa hybrid created by Reeferman seeds. The strain has an uplifting euphoric and cerebral high, which leaves its users giggly and happy.

According to its users, the weed allows them to think more creatively and abstractly. This is the reason for its popularity among artists in search of inspiration. It is more suitable for daytime and early evening use due to its euphoric and uplifting effects.

The lineage of Willie Nelson

The Willie Nelson weed is a crossbreed between the Nepalese Black and Highland Nepalese strains. As you would expect from the two parents, Willie Nelson is a potent Sativa dominant hybrid with mild Indica features.

What Are The Strain Effects?

Willie Nelson cannabis strain is one of the best weeds to share with your friends. It allows you to open up and tell stories with enthusiasm and passion. It makes you feel euphoric and giggly, which often leads to drift off in your thoughts.

The strain can make you a little more creative. You will find yourself going over long-forgotten ideas, with a desire to renew them.

If you wish to remain productive after a long day at work, this cannabis strain can help you with that. You can remain physically active without feeling heavy on the body.

What Are The Medical Applications?

The euphoric high produced by Willie Nelson weed is great to offer temporary relief from mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Additionally, the good vibes that come from smoking this strain can help reduce stress.

It is also used in treating pain and aches. It can be used to treat headaches, muscular pain, and arthritis pain.

If you need some form of an energy boost, this is the strain for you. The initial boost of the strain gives a short-term energy boost which makes it ideal for counteracting fatigue.

What Are The Side Effects Of Willie Nelson Cannabis?

The side effects of Willie Nelson’s cannabis are mild and include the usual dry mouth and dry eyes. Considering the high THC level of this strain (averaging at 20%), novice smokers or those who consume too much on one session may experience intensified paranoia. In rare cases, you might feel slightly dizzy and may end up with a headache.

To avoid dry eyes and mouth, it’s important that you remain hydrated while smoking. Also, it is advisable that you keep your dosage low, especially if you are a novice.

Positive EffectsMedical UsesNegative Effects
Uplifted8/10Stress7/10Dry Mouth5/10
Happy7/10Depression6/10Dry Eyes5/10

What Are The Reasons To Choose Willie Nelson?


Mature Willie Nelson plants grow quite tall and produce conical-shaped flowers with thick and tight buds. These are covered in a thick coating of resinous trichomes. The plant is also covered in reddish-orange pistils enhancing its beauty.

Smell and aroma

Willie Nelson strain has a sour smell that will make your nose tickle upon the first contact. It has a grassy yet sweet aroma that is quite enticing, with general notes of sweetness that dominates. This scent is accompanied by a fresh herbal presence with jolts of citrus fruit.


Willie Nelson has flavors that complement its aroma. The plant tastes sour and fruity. The sour lemony taste is the most prominent scent. When you inhale, you will notice a fresh pine taste which becomes more pungent and sweet when you exhale.


Willie Nelson Weed comes with trichomes that are a bit hard to crush.


Willie Nelson marijuana strain is mostly used to boost your creativity. If there is a project that you abandoned for lack of inspiration, you can pull it out now and continue working on it. It will help you remain active and alert. It is a Sativa anyway so you expect nothing less.

Who Is It Most Suitable For?

Most likely you are wondering if Willie Nelson is good for you. It is if:

  • You are experiencing some levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Willie Nelson can offer you some relief and help you live mindfully and consciously
  • If your level of creativity has gone down and you need a boost. A puff of Willie Nelson before you can engage in any activity will boost your creativity.
  • If you are looking for a marijuana strain that will boost your energy and keep you productive for longer periods.
  • If you are suffering from any form of pain, aches or inflammation, you can get some relief from Willie Nelson.

What Do Growers Think About It?

Willie Nelson weed strain among the favorites of home growers. It is easy to grow and gives a decent yield. It is also popular among commercial growers. The yield is slightly higher than average which gives them additional inspiration. This strain is most popular among artists who seek new inspiration.

The popularity of any strains depends on several factors.

  • Demand: the more a strain is in demand, the more it sells or is popular.
  • The Cultivation Conditions: the ease of growth matters. If a strain is easy to grow then it attracts more growers to it.
  • Resistant to diseases: if a plant can resist diseases common to cannabis strain then it will be easily managed.

In this case, Willie Nelson Weed strain is popular among users which inspires many growers to cultivate it. It is easy to grow and can thrive both indoors and outdoors with minimal maintenance required. It is, therefore, popular among many growers across the world.

How Can You Grow Willie Nelson?

There are several techniques that you can use to plant Willie Nelson seeds. The strain is recommended for indoor growing and the plants will be ready for harvest in 10 to 12weeks. When cultivating this strain, there are some things that you need to know.

  • If planted indoors, the willie Nelson plant can grow quite tall. Therefore, you must top or FIM the plant during the vegetative stage to manage its height.
  • Topping is done by cutting the tip of the main stem (45%) using sterile scissors. This encourages the growth of new branches and colas. This technique produces two new colas.
  • If you choose the FIMming technique, then you must cut the whole tip of the main stem, usually 75% of it. This technique increases the number of new colas. The technique can produce four or more colas.
  • Use the Sea of Green method to maximize light exposure to the lower parts of the plant.  Regular pruning will help improve air circulation and maintain the shape of the plant.
  • The Willie Nelson strain takes a little longer to mature than the average weed strain. The plant thrives best in a warm, sunny climate.
  • Indoor planted Willie Nelson will give you a yield of approx. 18 ounces per square meter. When grown outdoors, the average yield is 22 ounces per plant.

Can It Be Used For Edibles And Cooking?

Willie Nelson weed is available in several products. It is found in the form of vapes, distillates, wax, and concentrates. However, you will rarely find any dispensaries offering any edible forms. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t make edibles with it. If you grow Willie Nelson at home, you can use it for baking purposes.

Related Or Alternative Strains

There are no known related strains to Willie Nelson but there are a few similar alternatives that you can try. One such alternative is the 8 Miles High cannabis strain. The strain is bred by Mandala Seed and is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. It was created with two things in mind: Easy to love and Grow.  It is a lemon-lime strain with a THC level ranging between 16% and 23% giving an average of 20%. This guarantees you a potent high with the potential for long-hours experience waning and waxing through energy, creativity, and sharp focus. It is used for such conditions as bipolar disorder, chronic stress, anxiety, and stress. It is ideal for both seasoned users and novice users for its ease of growth.


You will get a lot of information by reading this Willie Nelson weed review. It is necessary as you need a lot of information on any weed strain that you want to use. Willie Nelson is a weed strain that is lovable. It is great for use in the morning when you need a new burst of energy to boost your creativity. It is also a good choice if you want to hang out with your friends as it makes you chatty.  This is a relatively potent strain, therefore you need to take it responsibly.

Creative Icon
93% Voted
Happy Icon
91% Voted
Talkative Icon
93% Voted
Earthy Icon
92% Voted
Pepper Icon
92% Voted
Pine Icon
90% Voted
Side Effects
Thirst and dry mouth Icon
93% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth
Low blood pressure Icon
93% Voted
Low blood pressure
Insomnia Icon
93% Voted

Let us know how does this strain makes you feel or just simply leave a review.


Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
18.0 - 22.0%
CBD question mark
0.1 - 0.9%
CBC question mark
0.06 - 1.06%
CBG question mark
0.3 - 2.05%
CBN question mark
0.1 - 0.17%
THCV question mark
0.4 - 1.04%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
70 - 84 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
88 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
< 0.5 Oz/Ft² (< 150 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
< 0.5 Oz/plant (< 150 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
< 30
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
< 30
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews


    I had severe back pain and painkillers were not doing me any good. When I got my cannabis card this flower was among those that I got recommendations for. Helped ease the pain and would leave my body feeling so relaxed and energetic.


    When am in a celebrating mood, this is what I go for. Great head high and makes me happy.


    This is one of the best cannabis I know. Has many postive effects other than a good high.

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Willie Nelson

How do you like Willie Nelson?

Willie Nelson

How do you like Willie Nelson?

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