Sativa-Dominant Strains

Sativa-dominant strains of cannabis are the hybrids obtained by a gentle crossing of Sativa and Indica strains with a slight Sativa dominance. Such strains differ from pure Sativas. Yet, they preserve Sativa-like effects and growth patterns. Equatorial regions are considered to be the motherland of Sativa-dominated strains. Thanks to the climate specialties, the plants are usually taller and thinner than Indica-dominant strains, with lighter and slimmer leaves.

The superpower of Sativa-dominant strains is the so-called “head-high”. Consuming such weed allows you to get rid of psychological tension, unwind, and, well, fix your mindset. It also helps to get out of the vicious circle of disturbing worries and shift your focus. That is the reason why Sativa-dominant strains are often prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from severe depression.

In comparison to Indica-dominant strains, Sativas are likely to generate more buds per plant. Yet, they have a lower level of THC (the psychoactive molecule that is responsible for the “high” potency). Some Sativa-dominant strains, though, are richer in CBD, though not always. CBD boosts relaxations, reduces stress, relieves body pain, and boosts appetite. Unlike THC, it leads to no psychoactive or any kind of mind-altering effects.

Users often refer to Sativa-dominant strains as to the “daytime” cannabis. The deal is, consuming it does not lead to sleepiness and weariness, which can’t be said about Indica strains. Besides, there is a piece of evidence stating that some people experience an increase in focus and self-awareness after consuming Sativa-dominant strains.

Askgrowers team has collected a full list of Indica and Sativa plants. In case you want to check other variants, see Indica-dominant and balanced hybrids.

Purple Haze, Wauwie, J1, Juicy Fruit, Mars OG, Neptune OF, and Trinity are among the most popular Sativa-dominant strains. Scroll down to see more options to choose from!

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