List of the Most Popular Fruity Tasting Cannabis Strains

The consumers who appreciate the most delicious strains will certainly like the fruity cannabis strains. Fruity flavors like Banana, Berry, and Apple are pleasant and give you a relaxing cerebral high.

Fruity smelling weed strains get their smell and taste from the genetic composition of the parent strains. Manufactures cross-breed to get custom flavors.

The main component responsible for the fruity taste is terpenes. In the case of lemony strains, linalool is a dominant terpene that bestows cannabis with the tanginess.

In most cases, fruity strains have a balanced THC/CBD ratio. A higher THC content gives a much stronger and pungent taste.

Coming to the fruit fans, below we have collected the most popular “Fruity” strains. If you want to discover other flavors, we also have listings of “earthy” and “spicy” strains.

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