11 Best Marijuana Products For The Softest Bath

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11 Best Marijuana Products For The Softest Bath

Baths are among those few pleasures that are accessible to almost everyone. A lot of people will add a warm bath with scented candles and maybe some soft music to their relaxation activities list. Baths are generally great at releasing both mental and physical stress.

What Is Cannabis Bath Products

Cannabis products are a relatively new addition to the bath product industry. So far, there has not been a lot of scientific backing for its efficacy. However, this does not imply that cannabis products lack therapeutic value. We are working on anecdotal evidence and these have been positive.

The active components of cannabis are cannabinoids and there are about 80 of them. However, two of these are most prominent and understood. Cannabidiol aka CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC.

THC is the compound that provides the “high” when marijuana is consumed. Cannabis bath products are of different kinds but they always contain one (CBD) or both of the active components of cannabis.

CBD Bath - Restorative Citrus Bath Bomb - 35mg logo

Proleve CBD Bath - Restorative Citrus Bath Bomb - 35mg

by Proleve
  • 35 mg CBD
  • 0% THC
  • Citrus Flavour
CBD Bath - Cedarwood and Tangerine Bath Bomb - 35mg logo

Mint Welness Cedarwood and Tangerine CBD Bath Bomb

by Mint Welness
  • 35 mg CBD
  • 0% THC
  • Cedarwood and Tangerine Flavour
CBD Bath Bomb logo

American Shaman CBD Bath Bomb 100 mg

by American Shaman
Write review
  • 100 mg CBD
  • free THC
  • 140 g Weight

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Best Marijuana Bath Products

Kush Queen Bath Bomb

Kush Queen Bath Bomb

The founder of Kush Queen - Olivia Alexander was one of the most influential people on the internet that seeks to make Cannabis legal. Her brand was launched on the foundation of several females, cannabis communities which she founded. The brand was to represent her addition to the cannabis culture.

Kush Queen went on to produce several award-winning products aside from bath bombs. The company has added pain-relieving lotions and edibles to the cannabis industry. At the same time, it has encouraged the voicing of female opinions in the industry.

The bath bomb was synthesized to create a CBD experience that was enhanced by the presence of several terpenes. This rich blend produces what is more than just a scent. It is an experience that is at its essence, very nourishing. This quality comes from its combination with 100% organic peppermint oil and 25mg CBD.

It is sure to give you a wholesome experience. Soak up the goodness in a warm bath to lift your mood and awaken your spirit.

VIDA Deep Blue Sea THC/CBD Bath Bomb

VIDA Deep Blue Sea THC/CBD Bath Bomb

Vida Deep Blue Sea THC/CBD Bath Bomb combines both active ingredients to deliver special treatments. A soak with this bomb will give you stress reduction and a sense of deep relaxation. They dissolve effortlessly in hot baths to release a fragrance of lemon, mint, and eucalyptus.

Combined with the soothing scents, this bath bomb contains moisturizing essential oils and cocoa butter that will smoothen and soften your skin. Each oil is selected carefully to offer you a luxurious experience that you never thought possible.

If you have any trouble with sleep, pain or unrelenting anxiety,10mg CBD, 50mg THC in this bath bomb will go a long way in solving these issues.

Empower Soaking Salts

Empower Soaking Salts

After a long day making ends meet and piling up the stresses, Empower Soaking Salts is the perfect salve for you. The horrors of a busy day can be washed away with its luxurious blend of Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Salts, and the Dead Sea Salts.

They are one of the finest CBD bath salts available on the market. The CBD oil is derived from USDA Certified Organic hemp. Along with it is a blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils which include Bergamot, wintergreen, and lavender. They lend their powers of soothing senses to the star of the show. Aside from essential oils, nourishing base oils like grapeseed oil, organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and sunflower are complete the picture,

Only the finest ingredients are used for the creation of a unique experience. With the skin being the largest and most visible organ of the body, it is crucial to treat it with care. Each soak with these salts results in the height of skin pampering. It can be added to your regular self-care routine or used on odd days when relaxation is paramount.

Mirai's CBD Bath Bomb With Deodorizing Persimmon

Mirai's CBD Bath Bomb With Deodorizing Persimmon

This marijuana bath product is produced by the beauty company Mirai Clinical. It comes with the company’s trademark ingredient - persimmon. Persimmon is known for its odor-busting abilities. However, it is not the ingredient that makes this product stand out.

Mirai’s CBD bath bomb is handmade with local ingredients from Japan. They combine the healing properties of CBD with natural ingredients to produce an exhilarating experience. It allows you different options in regards to fragrance. You can pick between Eucalyptus, Lavender, and lemongrass with each scent offering a unique, healing experience.

Eucalyptus is for getting rid of harmful toxins in the body to make you feel revitalized and rejuvenated. Lavender is the most soothing and perfect for reaching the peak of relaxation. Lemongrass is healing due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

These bath bombs are created with the purpose of soothing body aches and pain, minimizing joint stiffness and calming the mind. You can assess all the benefits of CBD without having any psychoactive effects of THC. Also not included are sulfates, harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Pamper yourself by transforming your bathroom into a spa with this delicious combination of CBD and essential oils wrapped in a fizzy bath bomb.

Sacred Cannabis-Infused Epsom Salt Soak: Muscle Relief

Sacred Cannabis-Infused Epsom Salt Soak: Muscle Relief

This combines THC and CBD for the relief of minor to chronic pain. It is created with Epsom salts, Dead sea salts and an array of fifteen different herbs and oils. It is perfect for an evening soak so that sleep can come swiftly and peacefully.

It is one of the best things you can do for joint and muscle pain. The healing properties of cannabis relax overworked joints and muscles from daily bustling. It is excellent for restless leg syndrome and many other sleep disorders.

The recommended dosage is two tablespoons for each bath. This amount can be doubled if you have a rather large tub or a chronic condition. However, you should consider starting small, then building up the amount you use. This will help you avoid any psychoactive effect you do not want or prevent it from being unbearable. This is because THC is easily absorbed by the skin.

Dope Soap Bath Bombs

Dope Soap Bath Bombs

Say goodbye to pain, muscle aches, stress, and anxiety when you invite this cannabis-infused bath bomb into your life. It has coconut oil inside it, which is an ingredient that is well-known to delicately nourish the skin. Most women know how nasty period cramps can be and this bath bomb promises some relief from it.

They are amazing for evenings when the agenda is to relax and unwind. Let the cannabis work its magic on all your painful spots. 65mg of THC is present to soothe you with subtle euphoria. This is in conjunction with 3 options of relaxing scents.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath

Mary Jane's Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath

This wonderful product is just like a big teabag of healing herbs and cleansing salts that you can dip into a hot water-filled tub. Cannabis leaves are constituted with lavender, peppermint, and grapeseed essential oils.

Dead Sea salts make each soak a transformative one. The cannabis leaves produce effects that soothe the mind, joints, and muscles. Cannabis leaves clear away hangovers, insomnia, and menstrual pains. They can also help in the management of cardiovascular problems like hypertension because of its blood vessel relaxing properties.

You can even employ the hash bath’s sachet as a loofah that scrubs away impurities from your skin and leave it super smooth. The grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E  which is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. Peppermint oil, aside from the soothing scent, works in conjunction with the other ingredients to reduce pain and inflammation.

Dixie Synergy Soak

Dixie Synergy Soak

This perfect soak has been formulated with a balanced combination of CBD to THC ratio. It is great for people with a muscle, joint or skin problems. Dixie Synergy Soak is sure to get rid of or reduce these issues.

It is created to give people a chance to derive pleasure for their entire body in a warm, soothing bath. Aside from this, they are afforded the healing benefits of THC. To get the most out of it, pour an ounce or a little more of Dixie Synergy Soak into a warm bath for 15 minutes. The constituents of THC produce an unbelievably relaxing experience.

The 10-serving bottle contains 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD. Other ingredients included are purely natural like sea salts, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood. The THC contained in Dixie Synergy Bath Soak may result in psychoactive effects for some individuals. However, this is not common since the application is topical.

Cannabis Basics Eucalyptus Mineral Bath

Cannabis Basics Eucalyptus Mineral Bath

Cannabis basics Eucalyptus Mineral Bath is a cooling one that has additional respiratory therapy. It can be used for inhalation therapy in cases of congested noses. It includes medical-grade magnesium, sulfate, and eucalyptus to reduce inflammation of the skin especially eczema, bruises, and cuts.

It also is easily absorbed through the skin to reach your muscles and joint where it carries out its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Eucalyptus is soothing to the skin while the other ingredients present nourish it. You do not need to use it all over your body. It can be used to make a great step in your pedicure or manicure.

Along with the merits of the product itself, the company vouches for the integrity of what it puts on the market. The cannabis-derived Hempseed oil is organic and high quality. They also use the freshest products available and so ingredients are sourced locally. Animal testing is not practiced by Cannabis Basics.

Ganja Chica Tranquil Bath Soak

Ganja Chica Tranquil Bath Soak

This salt soak carries an artisanal aura. It is bottled in glass and has an actual cork, cork. The Ganja Chica label dangles on the bottleneck with a piece of twine. The owner of the company is Linda Aguilar who is a Reiki master. Due to this, she ensures that each product that carries her label is infused with Reiki.

For those that find this term unfamiliar, Reiki is Japanese for “universal life energy”. It is a technique based on the belief that a practitioner can channel this life energy into a patient. This is performed through touch and is supposed to activate the body’s innate healing abilities and therefore restore physical, emotional and mental wellness.

It contains ground cannabis, Himalayan Pink salt, eucalyptus/spearmint Epsom salts and last but not least, Reiki energy. It is therapeutic and relaxing. It moves you away from the race track of time and permits you a moment in now. It leaves one feeling rejuvenated and grounded.

De La Beuh CBD Swirl Grapefruit Bath Bomb

De La Beuh CBD Swirl Grapefruit Bath Bomb

This is a colorful cannabis bath product that is definitely pleasing to the eye. It makes a nice addition to your bathroom’s look just by being there. It has sea green and pink swirling colors that provide relaxation just by looking at it.

De La Beuh is already quite known for adding colorful products to the cannabis industry. They are based on the west coast and their mission is to help you heal while you bath. They are both fun and relaxing to use. Aside from this particular product, they have 11 other bath bombs to choose from.

This Swirl Grapefruit Bath Bomb offers aromatherapeutic grapefruit benefits in combination with CBD effects. Grapefruit essential oil is naturally antibacterial. It also boosts energy and can serve as a hangover relief. CBD extract provides full-body relaxation amidst the citrusy scent and this works wonders for physical and mental health.

Cannabis Bath Product Effects

Most of us understand the peace and calm that comes with a bath. Now imagine that with the euphoria and “high” of marijuana slowly seeping in. This can be achieved with some THC containing bath products. They are used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. There is no denying the power of an intoxicating bath.

Some bath products, even of the THC variety might not give you the “high” but they have several other effects.

  • Stress reduction: this is perhaps the greatest benefit of cannabis bath products. Just the soothing aroma derived from it is able to bestow a remarkable sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Decrease inflammation:  If there are any stiff or painful joints that impair a high-quality life, you should consider cannabis bath products. They are helpful in the management of these conditions. Cannabinoids work in conjunction with heat to create the right environment for accelerated healing.
  • Promotes skin health: CBD and THC are great for the skin. They are soothing and provide relief to dry flaky or cracked skin. Cannabis bath products contain plant-derived oil which is high in healthy oils that nourish the skin. Your skin, when treated to them, will come out looking and feeling rejuvenated.
  • Mental health promotion: Animal studies including those on mice that had depression surgically induced suggest that CBD could prove to be a treatment for depression in the future. CBD boosts serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical that transmits messages between brain cells and is a key component of mood regulation. Human evidence, however, has been anecdotal but positive.
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