Grower Stories #100: Buck Angel

Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

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Grower Stories #100: Buck Angel

About "Gay Weed" and Transgender Wellness Products in the Interview With Buck Angel

Buck Angel is a trans activist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and pioneering filmmaker. He is also AskGrowers's 100th Growers Story! His message of empowerment through self-acceptance and the mission to encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin has struck an emotional chord with people worldwide.

AskGrowers had the honor of interviewing Buck, and we discussed everything from Gay Weed and cannabis medicinal effects to the future of the industry. #growerstories

Tia (AskGrowers) : How did you get into cannabis?

Buck Angel : I have very bad insomnia and was using sleeping pills. They were not really making me feel healthy, and so a friend said, “Try cannabis, it works wonders!” So I tried it and it changed my life. I wake up happy, not hungover. From there, I realized that there was no one really focusing on LGBTQ+ cannabis and so with a friend we started Pride Wellness. It is a brand focused on LGBTQ+ natural health and wellness.

Tia : Can you give us an update on Pride Wellness?

Buck Angel : Pride Wellness is an LGBTQ+ wellness space that is now in the middle of a big change. Because of all the large corporations and not having enough financial backing, we have decided to stop as we can no longer compete with big corporations who are taking over cannabis. That said, my partner and I have decided to move to different ventures.

Now I will focus on creating my own brand with the help of some major players in the business. I have built up my own brand alongside Pride Wellness and I have become a big player now for LGBTQ+ wellness and cannabis. It is so exciting to see the future of “Gay Weed,” which is a slogan I came up with during Pride Wellness days.

Buck Angel interview quote
Tia : Tell us about your give-back program for the LGBT Center in Los Angeles?

Buck Angel : During the time of PW, we would give back a dollar from each product sold. We give to the LGBTQ senior center in Los Angeles every year. It was amazing to see the money used to help homeless seniors as well as help to house and feed. Giving back is a big part of my message.

Tia : What are things you wish someone told you before starting your cannabis business?

Buck Angel : Watch out for BIG PHARMA. They are the ones holding us all back. Money is powerful. I invested my savings and pretty much lost it because of the huge taxation and for small businesses like mine that just crushed us.

Tia : The LGBTQ+community, specifically gay men and the HIV/AIDS crisis, are why we have legal cannabis today. What do you think we can do to see a more significant LGBTQ+ representation in the cannabis community?

Buck Angel : YES! This is true, and I was alive and lost many friends during this time. It is why LGBTQ space is important in our industry. Gay men legalized cannabis. Gay men died, and today, that should be a big part of the conversation. I use my platform to educate, especially the younger generation who might not have a clue as to why gay weed matters.

Buck Angel interview quote
Tia : In an older interview, you discussed doing research on how cannabis can help the transgender community. What have you learned?

Buck Angel : Anxiety, depression and drug usage are high in my community. It is rough living trans, and so many use drugs to not have to deal. Cannabis is not a drug, it is a medication, and more and more trans people are getting it. The more we educate, the more the stigma goes away.

Tia : Any upcoming projects you would like to tell our readers about?

Buck Angel : I have my Buck’s Balm and Buck Shot. Two CBD-infused products. The Buck Shot is the first sexual enhancement drink. It helps with ED and seriously, I cannot keep it in stock! Buck’s Balm has just been re-engineered and is amazing. That will be up and for sale soon.

I am also working with a new company called Mad Toto. They created these amazing cool carry cases for travel. To be discreet.

Tia : How can people find and support your work?

Buck Angel : You can find me at and all social media to keep up with me. So many new things are happening this year. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Happy Gay Weed!! Love Buck.

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