Grower Stories #42: Shane Coble

Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

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Grower Stories #42: Shane Coble

You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Our Interview With West Coast Cannabis Brand Buddies

We chat with West Coast cannabis and lifestyle brand Buddies about their top-notch THC and CBD products, their twenty years of experience, and what's next for their brand.

Tia (AskGrowers) : How did you come up with Buddies Brand? What made you want to jump into the cannabis industry?

Shane Coble : Three high school friends, two of which had a long history with the plant. We all wanted to do cannabis in a recreational capacity, so we made the trek West and got it started!

Tia : What are you looking to accomplish at Buddies Brand? What’s the ultimate goal?

Shane : Transparency, quality, and something most all can afford. Something for everyone.

Tia : Did you ever have any doubts or reservations when you first started?

Shane : For sure! It was a new venture into the unknown. We had no idea what we were creating or where it would go. It's a unique industry and we clocked in some serious hours to navigate it.

Tia : Is all your production handled in-house, or do you work with other companies to fulfill your orders?

Shane : All handled in house. We have an amazing team!

Buddies Brand products picture
Tia : Do you have a preference between CBD or THC strains? If so, why?

Shane : Not really, but I always love a little CBD ratio with my THC.

Tia : On your website I see that your THC products are about to launch, what products are you unveiling?

Shane : We are always working to develop new sku’s and create meaningful products. Our Liquid Diamond (Live Resin) Tinctures are the next on deck.

Tia : When did you personally first start using cannabis? What got you started as a consumer?

Shane : Somewhere in the 7th grade was the first time I got in trouble for using cannabis

Tia : Tell us more about Buddies Brand’s audience. Who are you trying to reach with your brand?

Shane : My goal is to be the “people's champ.” If you enjoy quality cannabis and don't want to break the bank, we are for you!

Tia : Over the last three years your team has grown incredibly fast. What prompted Buddies Brand to grow so quickly?

Shane : Quality, price, and a very hard-working, driven team.

Tia : CBD is becoming more and more popular, espcially in pro sports. Do you have any plans or hopes to market your products to athletes?

Shane : Always! We have worked with various pro athletes and plan to continue.

Buddies Brand interview quote
Tia : How can a CBD consumer be more knowledgeable on CBD products and make educated decisions when shopping?

Shane : We don't do much in the CBD space but I will say… I see several brands that “look cool” but have a very low amount of CBD in the product. Read those milligrams! Full-spectrum is always key too!

Tia : What do you think the next five years look like for the cannabis industry in the U.S. and globally?

Shane : I do think education will continue to grow, and the industry will mature a little. I assume big money will be coming in and changing the landscape.

Tia : Where do you hope to see Buddies Brand in the next five to ten years?

Shane : Selling our tasty products in many states!

Tia : Are there any brands you appreciate and follow?

Shane : There are so many great brands in this space. We are fortunate enough to work alongside them. At the moment, Rose LA is my favorite edible in California!

Buddies Brand interview quote
Tia : Are there any plans for brand expansion? What do you plan to add to your product list moving forward?

Shane : We’re always working to expand the brand in other states and inside our current states. Were excited to launch our Liquid Diamond (Live resin) tinctures!

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