How to Buy Medical Marijuana?

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How to Buy Medical Marijuana?

By this point, a lot of people are aware of the medical benefits that come from the use of marijuana. It has been proven to help fight certain types of ailments in people and has been legalized in many states of the USA. But despite all of that, there is still a lot of confusion about how the whole process works. You can’t just go into a supermarket or any pharmacy and get medical marijuana, so how can you do it?

If you have been wondering about where and how much medical marijuana can you buy, then this guide will break down the process for you. It is better to learn the process and then go about it the right way, rather than Googling something like ‘can you buy medical cannabis online’ and find conflicting information. Let’s take a look at where medical cannabis is available and what you need in order to buy some.

Where Can You Buy Medical Marijuana?

The sale of this substance is being done at certain stores known as medical marijuana dispensaries. These dispensaries are meant for patients with a subscription to buy this substance. That means that not everyone who just wants to enjoy using marijuana for recreational purposes can walk into medical marijuana dispensaries and order some. You can choose a medical dispensary near you.


Usually, these dispensaries have two rooms. The first room is for waiting and the second room is for purchasing. These specialized stores are run by budtenders experienced with the knowledge of this plant and act as consultants for the customers. Ideally, they should know about the medical uses of the plant and be aware of the newest strains to recommend the right thing to their customers.

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When Can You Use Medical Cannabis?

This really depends on your local state laws, which is why it is crucial that you read them. While the substance may be legal in many states, the scenarios in which it is legal can be different. For example, in one state, you might be able to purchase medical marijuana to help with a sleep disorder but in another, you may only buy it in case of a disease like cancer. So, before you go and start seeing medical marijuana doctors or visiting dispensaries, be sure to read up on your local state laws regarding the use of this plant.

How to Find the Right Doctor?

Just like with every other kind of treatment, there are specialized medical marijuana doctors that you should consult with before starting anything. These doctors are experienced and certified to provide you with the necessary information and prescription. Before visiting a doctor, be sure to collect all of your previous medical records related to your current ailment. These will help the doctor to better understand the position you’re in before deciding whether you should start using cannabis as a treatment or not.

To find a good specialist, you must do some research. Read up some reviews by other patients of the doctor and take a look at the qualifications they have. It can often become difficult to decide which specialist is the best one for you, so keep an eye out for the following things:

  • Your doctor must be aware of all how cannabis can be used for treatments. They should have a relationship with local dispensaries to be aware of what strains are being sold and what each of them can do. Only then will they be able to suggest the right kind of treatment for your needs.
  • If your doctor does not give you a long-term plan for using cannabis, then that is not a good sign. They should always write a detailed plan so that you know when you can start consuming the substance and how your dosage should decrease with time. The last thing you want is to start taking too much cannabis and facing some adverse effects.
  • Your doctor should have the necessary educational background to deal with drugs such as marijuana. Not every doctor who has gone through medical school will be able to deal with this issue, so they need to have experience with this side of medicine.

Once you find a doctor who is able to diagnose your problem, he or she will decide whether you are eligible to buy cannabis or not. You will also get your answer to how much medical marijuana can you buy, if at all, during this visit. If your doctor suggests you start cannabis treatment, you will get a special card that you can take to one of many medical marijuana dispensaries.

Recommendations for New Buyers

  • Take Professional Help

Always seek out professional help before starting consumption. Asking a professional for their opinion on whether you should or should not consume cannabis to treat your symptoms will give you a better understanding of the problem and give you the legal way of purchasing this drug. This will keep you from searching answers to ‘can you buy medical cannabis online’ and finding illegal ways to acquire it.

You will also find out about the proper dosage, ways of consumption, and the strains you should consume. Not every strain of cannabis will help fight your particular problem.

  • Find the Right Strain

If your doctor does not know of all the strains available at medical marijuana dispensaries, it’s okay. Take the recommendation of the doctor to your local budtender and ask them for suggestions. You can also check the marijuana’s quality yourself by following some guidelines. The doctor’s recommendation should have the suggested levels of CBD, THC, and terpenes, etc., so the budtender would be able to suggest the appropriate strains with those characteristics.

  • Change the Strain

If you start using cannabis and feel side effects, don’t worry. It may be because your body is getting used to it or because you bought the wrong strain. Let your doctor know of how you feel and change the strain. This can sometimes happen because of a wrong dosage too, so your doctor would be able to suggest any changes necessary.

  • Keep in Touch

In continuation to the previous tip, you should always keep in touch with your doctor once you start the treatment. Taking medical cannabis is not suited to everyone right away, so there may be some problems you can face. Even if you don’t face any side effects, you should still contact your clinic regularly in order to update them on your condition. Usually, clinics are supposed to follow up with their patients themselves, so you just have to make sure that you’re honest and open with them about your condition.

  • You have to be older than 18 years of age to buy marijuana.
  • You cannot buy a stack of the drug at a time. There are limits set to how much medical marijuana can you buy so that people use it only for medical treatment and not for fun.
  • The drug sold in dispensaries is usually pretty strong, so you might want to buy smaller quantities on your first visit and then adjust from there.
  • Choose a dispensary that is reputable and where the budtender is knowledgeable. This is important because you will not be able to return the product once you’ve bought it, so it’s important to buy the right thing.

A Summary of the Process

Distinct Steps to Buy Medical Cannabis

The whole process mentioned above can be broken down into three distinct steps:

  • Research about state laws and whether you are allowed to use the drug for your intended purpose.
  • Choose a doctor who is experienced with prescribing alternative means of treatment so that you get the best possible suggestions and plans.
  • Choose a dispensary where the budtender is experienced with the various strains available and has the knowledge to recommend the best possible ones to you.

Following these three steps carefully, you can be sure that your experience with using this drug will be safe and healthy. If you fail to follow even one of these steps, you might end up getting the wrong drug in your system or face legal action.


Now that you know about the process of buying this drug for medicinal use, you should read your state laws about its legality. This is the most important step of this process because otherwise, you might use the drug illegally and get into trouble. Once you have read the laws and are sure that using the drug in your particular case is legal, you can move on to the next steps.

The most important thing to remember when using medical marijuana is to do so through a doctor’s recommendation. In some cases, you might be able to get your hands on cannabis without a doctor involved, but that is not recommended. It can lead to adverse effects if you select the wrong strain or the wrong dosage, so take help from a professional before you proceed. But if you are safe and go through the right channels, using medical marijuana might be the thing you need to get better.

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