Guide to Check the Marijuana Quality

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Guide to Check the Marijuana Quality

We all want to know what we pay for, especially when it comes to pricey cannabis products. However, it seems that it is impossible to determine if cannabis is poor-quality or top-quality without rolling a joint, putting it into a pipe, or smoking a bong. It is kind of true. Still, there is no denying that there are certain things that can help you understand if you are going to buy good weed.

After all, the best weed that will get you high and/or reduce symptoms of a disease, while poor-quality cannabis that does nothing or, even worse, damages your health or causes plenty of side effects. So, how to distinguish them? Let us find out.

Checking the Quality of Marijuana Step by Step

There are a few things to consider when choosing weed. The most important of them are the look, the smell, stickiness, density, moisture, and, of course, taste. However, consumers often forget about additives that dishonest dealers use to sell their products for a lot more. There might be some very surprising “extra ingredients,” and some of them are really harmful, so keep reading to learn more about such tricks and choose only the best quality weed.

Consider the Color

Color is definitely one of the most important cannabis quality indicators. Newbies may think that buds look all the same, but it is not exactly true. Simply put, they can be brown and green. The green color of cannabis indicates that this is fresh, better quality weed. The brown color of buds is a good reason not to buy them – it shows that this is poor-quality cannabis. We must also note that green is not exactly green – it is just a dominant color. There are also some extra shades, which are mostly purple, orange, and pink. Black color indicates only one thing – rottenness.

Color As an Indicator of Quality

Particular attention should be paid to the crystals on the trichomes. This is especially important just because a lot of cannabis consumers use weed because of its psychoactive effects. The best thing is that you can find out whether you will get high after you consume weed just by taking a look at these crystals that contain the highest level of THC. The more crystals, the more potent the marijuana. They are supposed to be cloudier – they produce stronger effects, but in general, that depends on taste.

Check If There Are Seeds and Stems

If a producer cares about the quality of weed a customer gets, it will make sure that there are no seeds and leaves in the buds. That is why they are carefully trimmed, and yes, this is no less important than growing. Unlike buds that have high CBD and/or THC content, leaves contain lots of chlorophyll, and consuming them is a really bad idea. Good trimming allows getting rid of all leaves, even the smallest ones.

Seeds are even worse – they have a quite unpleasant smell when burned and yes, they can also explode. Of course, you can separate them by yourself, but this is a very boring and time-consuming process. Besides, why would a consumer pay for a weight of seeds and stems instead of paying for top-quality buds only?

How Does It Smell?

Firstly, weed must smell like weed. It is supposed to be fresh. As for the specific scents, they depend on terpenes, which are quite capricious: if a producer does not care about the quality of the final product, it will never get a bouquet of aromas. Consequently, smells of pine, citrus, fruits, and herbs are the indicators of high-quality weed.

Cannabis Scents

However, there are also certain smells that are a good reason not to buy anything from the seller. In particular, musty, moldy smell points to rot and mold. Chemical scent indicates that pesticides and artificial additives were used.

Are Buds Sticky Enough?

Yes, stickiness is another important criterion to consider. Every experienced consumer knows that good buds are quite sticky due to the above-mentioned crystals. If you can turn a bud into dust with the tap of the finger, the quality of the weed is obviously very low.

Moisture and Density Also Matter

Too dry is bad, but too wet is bad as well. If marijuana was not dried in the proper way, it will have a much worse taste, the effects it produces will be much weaker, and there will be a chance that it will just rot or mold in the bag. By the way, it has a direct impact on the price, too. We bet you do not want to pay for moisture that, ironically, must be evaporated before consumption.

As for the density, simply put, buds are supposed to break apart from the cannabis stem without any difficulty. Poor-quality buds are pretty much like clay, which is good for pottery, but not so good for consumers.

How Does It Taste?

Taste is one of the most important indicators of the quality of marijuana. The only disadvantage of this is that you cannot consider it when choosing weed, so we recommend you to consider all the above-mentioned criteria before you make a purchase. Do not hesitate to check the quality of weed that was offered to you – believe us, the information below will prove that this is strictly necessary.

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Additives You Will Never Find In High-Quality Marijuana

Of course, most dispensaries do not risk putting their reputation on the line to earn more money, but if you for some reason cannot buy the product from the seller you trust, consider the information below. There are certain additives that show that the cannabis you are going to purchase is of extremely poor quality. Yes, some things in our list sound just crazy, but this is what dishonest sellers do.

Contaminants in Cannabis

Artificial Flavors

As we have noted before, the flavor is one of the things that can help you understand how good marijuana really is. If it is good, we conclude that this is the top-quality product, right? Unfortunately, some producers use artificial flavors to pass their products off as something much better.

They seem pretty harmless, but why would we buy buds that need such kind of improvement? The only way to make sure that there are not such flavors is to burn one bud. Weed with artificial components will burn immediately. You will also feel a strong unpleasant smell when smoldering.


Formaldehyde does exactly what high levels of THC are expected to do. Sellers can dip marijuana into it to make it much heavier. Undoubtedly, they will get the expected results – such weed really gets people high, even if consumed by heavy smokers. However, it is known that formaldehyde stimulates the growth of cancer cells.

It is colorless, and it is nearly impossible to understand if it is in marijuana or not. This, however, does not make it safer. The only recommendation we can provide is as simple, as effective. Buy weed only from a trusted dealer and listen to your body. Formaldehyde makes people feel severe headaches, symptoms of tachycardia, crushing chest pain, nausea. Some consumers even have hallucinations. Some of these effects are produced due to the high dosage of THC, but if you know that this dose is okay for you, you probably bought low-quality weed.

Shards of Glass

Yes, we know how crazy it sounds. However, if you buy poor-quality weed from someone you even know, you can face such a problem, or should we say a threat. Shards of glass are the most popular “additive” that allows making buds look like a top-quality weed with a lot of trichomes. By the way, such “upgraded” cannabis is much heavier, so customers will pay more not only for “quality” but also for the weight.

The good news is it is really easy to check if there are glass shards in marijuana. Just take buds and find out if you scratch a surface, for example, a surface of a DVD. Good-quality natural buds do not contain anything that could scratch it. If you did such an experiment and found out that this weed was dangerous, throw it away immediately without a thought.

Laundry Detergent

Here is another crazy option, which, unfortunately, is often used by dishonest sellers. They do it for the same reason, just because they want buds to look better due to a lot of crystals on them. You will feel it right after you inhale the smoke, but in this case, the best thing to do is to smell buds before you buy them. Another way to check if this is high-quality cannabis without any additives is to put it into a container of water and shake it. If the water remains clear, everything is fine. If you see soap bubbles, just throw this weed away and never buy anything from this seller.

Choosing The Best Weed – Final Thoughts

Of course, the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to buy only top-quality marijuana is to choose a trusted seller. If you have an opportunity to buy weed in a licensed dispensary that obviously cares about its reputation and profits, do it. However, if it seems that this is a good cannabis store, check the quality when making our first purchase in this place. Cannabis is pricey, and you can never be too careful when choosing it.

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