Grower Stories #34: Robert Miller

Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

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Grower Stories #34: Robert Miller

Robert Miller, Owner at Purefectionery, Opens Up About Edibles, Microdosing and Personal Favorite Strains

We chat with Robert Miller, owner of Purefectionery, about their high-quality edibles, getting started in the cannabis industry, and the growth of microdosing. Check it out!

Tia (AskGrowers) : How did Purefectionery start?

Robert Miller : Purefectionery started about five years ago. It was during a time when there was packaging and testing issues in the industry so there was very little product on the market. I am a medical patient and need edibles nightly for my issues. So being a chef with a background in food sciences, I thought I could do this and make some great products too.

Tia : What are your ultimate goals?

Robert : Our goals are very simple. We want to make the best tasting, naturally sourced edibles and put the smiles on our friends’ faces.

Tia : Do you personally use cannabis products? If so, which ones? Do you feel it affects your work/life balance?

Robert : I consume cannabis daily. Depending on the day and time affects what I consume. I always take our Moonlight, Indica strain RSO product at night so I stay asleep. During the day, I often will use our Sunshine, sativa RSO, or one of our new MoonChews, as they have a 15 minute activation time. At night, I may augment my routine with a little Indica flower for something extra.

Tia : What do you think is the most common mistake that new companies make when it comes to starting their brand, brand management, etc?

Robert : Thinking that they need to make the cheapest products on the market and skipping on the testing of the flavor profiles. We spend months flavor testing products until we get it right. We also want all of our products to taste yummy.

Purefectionery products picture
Tia : Edibles are a huge part of the rise in microdosing — do you think edibles have potential to become the main form of consumption? How will they affect the market in the long-term?

Robert : We believe that as more and more people join the market for cannabis products edibles will be a strong driver in the market. For those that are health conscious and don’t want to smoke, edibles are a perfect alternative. The fact that edibles are also easy to transport and consume on the fly make them perfect for a night on the town or concerts. (not that we are doing much of that in our current state of affairs with Covid)

Tia : Tell us more about your flavor sections. Why did you decide to separate products by flavor?

Robert : We use flavor and strain as our initial categorizing concept. Deep and dark black currants are rich and felt like the perfect compliment for Indica RSO so that’s how Moonlight was born. Now the complete opposite would be sunny, bright days and nothing says that like our Sunshine so naturally, that heeded to be our Sativa RSO treat. We work for months blending fruits to get the exact flavors we wanted in blends that were adult-oriented.

Tia : What’s the most interesting/memorable moment you’ve experienced working in the cannabis industry so far?

Robert: Being at a Cannabis Cup event a few years ago. There was an outside tent for vendors and it was packed. It looked like the scene from Fast Times when Sean Penn falls out of the van in a cloud of smoke. There were people walking around handing out joints and nearly every of the 300 people in the tent were puffing on a joint. It was such a surreal scene.

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Tia : What’s your best selling product currently? What’s your up-and-coming product?

Robert : Moonlight Fruit Chew with Indica RSO is our number one seller handily. We just launched the MoonChews last month so they are new to the market and are really starting to gain traction. I have at least two or three new candies I am working on currently as well.

Tia : Do you think someone can balance personal and professional lives when it comes to cannabis? There are still so many who only believe cannabis should be used for medical purposes. What are the benefits of recreational use?

Robert : I am living proof of being successful and a regular cannabis user. It will take some time to lose the stigma that cannabis has in some people’s eyes but it will happen. For all adults, I would recommend some form of cannabis. Want a break on a Saturday? Nibble on an edible and relax. Trouble with anxiety? Try some CBD/THC combo. Aches and pains? There are a ton of great salves out there.

I believe that once we get past the stigma, regular and daily consumption will be widespread.

Tia : What is your opinion on the hype with THC levels? Do you believe that strains/products with highest THC levels are the ones to look out for - or is it a misconception? Should People look into more balanced products with a healthy balance of THC/ CBD for quality entourage effect?

Robert : You’re talking about “the Bro effect.” “Bro, I got the flower and it’s 33 percent.” “Well bro, I got this vape and it’s 96 percent.”

I have had incredible effects with lower strength strains and firmly believe that it's the terpenes and THC that give you the best bang for the buck, not necessarily the strongest strains.

Purefectionery interview quote
Tia : How does Purefectionery maintain transparency in their product line from seed to sale?

Robert : We are an open book so that’s an easy one.

Tia : What's next for Purefectionery? Can you tell us about your next big release?

Robert : We are working on several new candies. We would like to expand edibles into more savory areas but the market isn’t quite mature enough for that yet, and a lot of products would require lots of preservatives or refrigeration for storage.

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