What Happens When You Microdose Cannabis?

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Irene Stepanenko

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What Happens When You Microdose Cannabis?

Legalization, benefits, negative effects and all other aspects somehow related to consuming cannabis are widely debated in society. On the one hand, it shows that not all American citizens agree that this plant can be really useful (this is no unexpected, though). On the other hand, discussions make marijuana famous, and more people, especially those who suffer from chronic disorders, are curious about it.

Not all of them, however, are ready to take doses that are usually taken by heavy smokers, a lot of beginners do not want to start from side effects, and many of them also want to try cannabis because of its various health benefits, for instance, its ability to treat various sleep disorders, relieve pain and reduce inflammatory process, but do not want to feel high for their own reasons. This all leads us to microdosing – the new and pretty interesting way to consume THC-rich cannabis.

Microdosing Marijuana Definition

So, what exactly is microdosing? Simply put, it is the consuming technique. People just take very small amounts of MJ (often in edibles, tinctures, capsules) to get positive effects produced by THC without negative effects and even euphoria, happiness and other effects on the human mind. Simply put, they take small doses of tetrahydrocannabinol to feel pain relief/reduce inflammation/get rid of sleep disorders without getting high.

Still, we must note that cannabis, even when microdosed, produces different effects on different people. Consequently, you cannot predict how this technique will affect your body. We mean, it is no panacea, and there is no guarantee that you will benefit from microdosing, but you never know until you try it.

Why do not all people use it? For plenty of reasons, actually. Firstly, a lot of people consume it for recreational purposes, i.e. want to get high. To them, microdosing is the worst way to do it. Secondly, some prefer to use medications instead of marijuana. Last but not the least reason why not so many people use it is simple – not so many people even know about it.

Another really significant aspect to take into account is that the absence of euphoria and feeling of pure happiness is not the only thing that makes this technique special. It allows getting benefits without negative effects, and that is especially great for people who want to use marijuana to treat mood disorders. Ironically, cannabis helps people suffering from anxiety or causes it if you consume too potent weed or use a too high dose of marijuana. Too high doses can also cause memory lapses, paranoia, panic attacks, increased high rate, vomiting, dry mouth, and slow reaction. Though none of the overdose cases was lethal, these are quite unpleasant symptoms, and microdosing allows getting rid of them.

When Microdosing Is an Ideal Option

Here are the conditions that often become the reason to start microdosing:

  1. Mood disorders, chronic stress
  2. Migraines, chronic pain
  3. Sleep disorders
  4. Some chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis (used for reducing and controlling symptoms)

Conditions for Microdosing

Skeptics may say that no evidence would prove that this technique can really be used to get the benefits and avoid the negative effects of good old Mary Jane. On the one hand, they are right, but let us be honest – marijuana itself is an understudied plant. Yes, we do not know a lot about it. Some may ask: “What about THC and CBD?” These are the two most known cannabinoids, but there are also a lot of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and they can all produce different effects in different conditions and combinations.

We mean, we lack empirical evidence in almost everything related to marijuana, but in most cases, we know what to expect from it just because there are millions of people who exchange their opinions about it, describe its effects, recommend something to each other, etc. The same can be said about microdosing – though this technique is understudied, it really helps people. Moreover, there are researches proving that microdosing can really be effective when it comes to the treatment of the above-mentioned symptoms.

For instance, there was a study, in which cancer patients, whose bodies did not respond to the traditional medications, more precisely, to strong painkillers, took Nabiximol, which is the compound containing cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol at different doses. This study has shown that unlike people who took medium and high doses of the medication and still felt pain, people who took the lowest amount of medication, did not feel pain at all.

There is another research, according to which microdosing can also help people who suffer from psychiatric mental disorders. Patients who suffered from such diseases as PTSD noted that they slept much better, the nightmares stopped, some chronic symptoms, in particular, pain, were reduced, too.

As we mentioned before, small doses of THC-rich marijuana in the form of edibles, vape oil, tinctures, etc. can help people who suffer from chronic conditions like MS, chronic widespread pain, and even dysfunctions of nerves. It makes the symptoms bearable.

How Much Do I Need to Take to Start Microdosing?

In short, there is no right answer to this question. You probably heard that there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation about the dose of MJ when it comes to regular consumption. No company or site or even your closest friend who is a daily smoker cannot tell you to take a certain amount of cannabis to feel certain effects. This is impossible because no one knows how your body will respond. There are plenty of factors that influence the “final result”: weight, tolerance, strain you choose, metabolism, size of your dinner you ate an hour earlier, and so on.

Things are even more complicated when it comes to microdosing, just because you need to figure out the dosage that will not result in getting high. In other words, it is supposed to be the dose that produces the min effect that a consumer can notice. If you feel high, you are taking too much.

Start Microdosing

A lot of consumers and even doctors say that recommendations are almost useless in this case and that the only way to find that perfect dose is to experiment. Still, there is the starting point – all patients who want to reduce certain symptoms can start at 2.5 milligrams, take this amount of THC for 3 days and then increase if they did not notice any changes and until they feel high.

If you know how to use marijuana and if you do it regularly, doctors recommend stopping to consume marijuana in any form at least for 2 days. In other words, if you are a heavy smoker, stop consuming to reset your CB1 and CB2 receptors. Yes, it seems weird that people who have been consuming heavy THC-rich strains for years or even decades can “restore” their receptors in such a short term, but this was proven by scientific studies. After that, you will need to start with 1 milligram. Please remember that in this case, getting stoned is not the good news – it means that you are taking the wrong dose even if you are relieved.

You are looking for a little relief, for a dose that will make you feel something, just something. This is the dose to take in the next few days. You can increase it a bit if necessary. Usually, the optimal dosage is 1-3 milligrams per dose. However, your tolerance will grow, and the dose can become higher and reach 10 milligrams.

Specialists also note that patients can become more sensitive to marijuana, and this makes staying at low doses even more important. Now, this is the only hypothesis, but there is a strong possibility that low doses of THC increase the response of the entire endocannabinoid system.

People who want to start microdosing and who have not consumed cannabis regularly before, as well as those who have never tried it, can start from 1 milligram of THC + 1 milligrams of CBD. Then, they can increase the doses (1:1 ratio should be maintained) until they finally feel the relief. After you feel the changes, take this dose for 4 days.

How to Microdose – Analyzing the Ways to Consume Smaller Doses

There are a lot of ways to take cannabinoids, and who knows, maybe there will be even more in the near future. Nonetheless, not all of them work when it comes to microdosing. So, let us take a look at all the options in more detail:

Ways to Consume Smaller Doses

  • Vaporizing/smoking. These ways to consume MJ can be used for microdosing, too. The trick is to take the only puff, wait a few minutes until you feel anything, and take the second one if you still feel nothing. Yes, it is not the most convenient way to control the amounts just because you never know how much exactly you consume, but some patients choose it because it is more familiar and convenient for them.
  • Tinctures and oils. Most patients choosing microdosing choose these options because you can measure the dose without any difficulty.
  • Edibles. This is one of the recommended options, but you need to be really careful with it just because they usually make people feel high, and more importantly, they have a lasting effect that, however, is not felt right after you eat a gummy bear or a cupcake. In other words, edibles are great when you already know your dose. Still, there are some products you can buy to try microdosing – in chocolate bars, mints, and even chewing gums produced by certain brands there are certain doses of this marijuana compound, and all you need to do is to find the ideal one.
  • Beverages. Tea and coffee containing cannabis produce the effects faster than edibles – if this is a good dose, you will feel the effect in 10-15 minutes, and not in an hour or two.

Which option to choose? It is up to you. Feel free to experiment not only with doses but also with ways to consume your microdose.

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Microdose and Alcohol – a Good or a Bad Idea?

Specialists note that you had better avoid drinking alcohol, at least when you are at the research stage and do not know how your body will respond to the new “vitamins.” After you find your ideal dose, we recommend you to have a drink one evening and listen to yourself. How does your body respond to such a mix? Always remember that this is tetrahydrocannabinol. It can be very useful and really cruel if consumed in the wrong way. Safe experiments will allow developing a safe strategy of consuming small doses and alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Some specialists claim that MJ can be used not only to get high or to get rid of the consequences of serious illnesses but also like vitamins that do not do anything truly extraordinary but improve the quality of your life significantly. This is one of the most promising methods, and it is already becoming more and more popular among people who suffer from one or a few of the above-mentioned symptoms.

Unfortunately, now, there are not too many microdose products on the market. We mean you cannot always come to the nearby dispensary, open the door and choose something with 3.5 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol. Still, this can change in the near future, especially if new studies will prove the effectiveness of this method.

Generally speaking, microdosing is worth your attention, if you are looking for a safe and high-free way to reduce certain symptoms. Lots of adults use this method to get rid of chronic pain, sleep disorders, migraines, and any mood disorders but stay clear-headed during a working day. So, if you are looking for something that would allow you to stay productive and be safer than medications with tons of negative effects, give microdosing a try.



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