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Venice Cookie Company

About Venice Cookie Company

Established in 2008, Venice Cookie Company has an extensive array of cannabis products. They cover all needs, ranging from gluten-free products to vegan offerings. As a premier manufacturer and cannabis distributor in California, they have been leading the industry in quality when it comes to their beverages, edibles, and tinctures. All of their items can be enjoyed and consumed safely as the reliable and healthy ingredients are created in collaboration with other industry leaders, policy makers, researchers, ensuring that the cannabis industry thrives.

Why Choose Venice Cookie Company

Apart from cookies, Venice Cookie Company offers a wide range of products infused with THC and CBD, suitable for all needs and preferences.

The delicious cookies are the starting point of the company, remaining one of their highlights. All types of flavors are available, but these must be consumed responsibly.

All ingredients are of outstanding quality. Each product contains sun-grown California cannabis with natural flavors and colors, and they are submitted to third-party testing to ensure consistency in every batch.

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License Number

M11-17-0000046-TEMP, A11-17-0000036-TEMP

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Los Angeles, California


Kenny Morrison, CEO




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User Reviews

  1. Kane

    I can never have a party without their snacks! They taste fine, no bitterness, absolutely tasty, good high and energy and everyone just loves my parties now! I vote for this brand any day!

  2. David

    The sweetened choclate were o different from the usual chocos you find in shop but best about Venice Cookie Company is the instant, shattering happiness that makes your heart blossom.

  3. Sunny

    What a cooky. I am so impressed. A friend of mine i introduced to was super excited for the first order and cant thank me enough i suggested her this.

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