Connoisseur Select Pre-Roll - Suver Haze - 5

by Hempzilla CBD

Category CBD Pre-Roll

CBD 100 mg

THC free

Quantity 1 g

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Connoisseur Select Pre-Roll – Suver Haze – 5 includes five pre-rolls in a pack for fans of this sativa-dominant strain. It is good for relaxation and mood boost. Suver Haze has a combo of diverse aromas reminiscent of a skunk, sweet berries, and black pepper. Its taste is also rich and complex, with earthy and sweetgrass undertones. The hemp holds 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD, meaning it is abundant in terpenes and flavonoids and delivers the entourage effect. The prevalent terpene is myrcene. This Hempzilla CBD product includes no nicotine and cannot make people high because its THC level is extremely low.

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Carlos Carter

Suver Haze is my least favorite hybrid.

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