3 Kings Seeds for sale
3 Kings Seeds for sale
3 Kings Seeds for sale
3 Kings Seeds for sale

3 Kings Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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THC: 17%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Hybrid

Climate: Sunny

Effects: Energized, Happy

Genetics: Sour Diesel x Headband x OG Kush

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Growing difficulty: Easy

3 Kings Feminized Plant's Heritage and Effects

The 3 Kings strain comes from three royal varieties— Sour Diesel, Headband, and OG Kush. This blending produces a well-balanced hybrid containing 17% THC. Its CBD content is around 1%, which is relatively typical for a sativa-leaning hybrid. 3 Kings has sage green buds with purple accents and golden pistils. This cannabis provides cerebral relaxation that makes users focus on their duties and engage their creativity. 3 Kings is also known to boost energy levels, relieve pain, and alleviate stress after a long day’s work.

Growing Information

The feminized 3 Kings seeds are easy to grow and take care of. Their easy-to-grow nature makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor growing, provided they receive enough sunlight. These 3 Kings weed seeds have minimal growth requirements, so they can be effectively cultivated even by growers with zero experience.

User Reviews 9

Ryan Araujo

Though the strain is Sativa-dominant, I found it to have a sense of relaxation. I would highly recommend it for day time use

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Growers really have an easy one with this seed. The plant has sweet-diesel-hash flavours with bright flowers. The yield is around 23 ounces per plant especially when planted outdoors. I would highly recommend it for medical used.

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3 kings plants pack a punch, this is not one for newbies. Its intense and long lasting, and the sour diesel has a hint of citrus

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The plant offered a more hash than kush experience and the smoke had a sandalwood taste. I found it more therapeutic since it is a Sativa hybrid. Growing it is just therapeutic, the bright purple when it flowers. Just amazing!

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I planted the seeds indoors but the yield was not as great as I expected. I wanted a strain that worked better indoors

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great packaging and shipment. I placed an order and received in 3 days. The seeds have a germination rate of 90% and the Sativa rich product help you manage gastrointestinal issues and mild chronic pains.

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Oliver Wigg!ns

My outside garden yielded about 22 ounces per plant. That was an incredible yield. I used to plant auto-flowering seeds but I think Ill stick to 3 kings seeds. The plants also dont require a lot of work, or attention.

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dont get why this strain received awards! It did not award me well for the time and energy I put into it

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I would recommend it to junior growers. 3-Kings-Seeds dont require a lot of attention. Just give them nutrients and enough sunlight and youll be expecting a great yield. I grow mine for relaxation and they have never disappointed

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