List of the Most Popular Chemical Tasting Cannabis Strains

Chemical-tasting strains of cannabis do not taste as though they’ve been sprinkled with bleach or any other synthetic chemical. The taste seems chemical because many of the modern cleaning compounds tend to have an extremely intense lemon smell. Chemical-flavored strains also tend to have diesel or gasoline tint to them.

Some experts claim that this is caused by a secondary terpene called humulene. Others believe it’s just a result of a particular mix of terpenes like caryophyllene and myrcene. Regardless of the origin, it yields a diesel-like aroma with a mix of lemon scent in some strains.

Most chemical-smelling weed strains are genetically linked to Chemdawg, a hybrid between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It combines the mushy smell of diesel and citrus. Chemdawg is the best strain of cannabis to try if you want to taste chemical-smelling weed.

Give OG Chem, Sour Chem, and Catfish a try if you want to experience uplifting Sativa-like effects. If you’re in for a more relaxing experience, go for CBD-rich strains like Purple Chemdawg, Chem 4, or Alien Rift.

If such an intense flavor doesn’t feel right for you, explore marijuana strains that have an earthy, coffee smell, or the ones that taste like honey.

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