The List of High Myrcene Strains

At first glance, marijuana seems to be just a plant, which tastes like a dry gross and leaves smokers happy and calm. However, weed connoisseurs who prefer to dig deeper in their search for truth discover more information about marijuana, expanding their awareness and broadening horizons. The knowledge about something that you like allows you to experience a new feeling of taste that stimulates your senses more intensively.

Which Strains Are High in Myrcene?

Cannabinoids are natural compounds of plants and are responsible for flavor. By the way, some terpenes bring distinct features to marijuana’s smell and taste. The list of terpene is long, but there are some popular ones, such as myrcene. This famous terpene is popular among cannabis lovers all over the world. Moreover, it is found in hops, lemongrass, mango, and thyme. The presence of this cannabinoid can be detected with ease through its earthy and musky scent. 

When strains with high myrcene are consumed, the effect comes to both body and head. Generally, myrcene-flavored marijuana is used by those respecting calmness and relaxation. Once inhaled, the sensation of soothing and easiness comes. Those struggling with muscle tension, chronic spasms, and depression are recommended to use this weed. Strains with myrcene often have a synergic effect with high THC content to shrug off stress, feel light-headed and get couch-locked. People choose high myrcene strains because of their close-to-nature flavor and quick action. In addition, it has anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial effects. 

Reports claim that cannabis containing more than 0.5% of myrcene is likely to produce a strong sedative effect that is described by users nearly as couch-locking. On the other hand, weed low in myrcene induces energy and creativity.  

The Most Popular Strains With High Myrcene

Usually, myrcene dominant strains’ THC ratio does not exceed 25% and equals 20% on average. The CBD level is not high too and shows around 1%, spanning from 0.5% to 1.5%. However, Girl Scout Cookies contains around 2% of CBD. Reports claim that myrcene terpene strains work best for consumers of moderate experience and higher. 

Veteran smokers prefer potent strains high in myrcene. Some of the most popular potent strains are OG Kush, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Banana. They provoke pleasant effects like giggle, hunger, creativity, relaxation, euphoria. The THC amount spans from 20% to almost 26%. Less potent weed strains are Jack Frost, Alien OG, and White Runtz (all 50/50 Hybrids), with an average THC ratio of 16%. 

If you like uninterrupted rest, we have collected the most popular strains with myrcene. Also, check out our listings of strains with “caryophyllene” and “limonene.”

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