Grower Stories #47: Jenny Argie

Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

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Grower Stories #47: Jenny Argie

Home Is Where the High Is: Baked at Home

For most people, battling cancer is one of the most difficult things you could possibly do in life. For Jenny, however, fighting cancer was the start of a healthcare awakening, one that led her to create CBD product brand Jenny’s Baked at Home in her very own kitchen!

Tia (AskGrowers) : Tell us your brand's story. What made you decide to set up in the hemp industry?

Jenny Argie : After being diagnosed with breast cancer I could not find a natural remedy to help me feel better. Battling cancer stripped away all that’s unnecessary in my life and amplified what matters — family, health, and happiness. My most important role in life has always been being a mom, and to be the best at that for my three children I needed to get healthy. I went full steam ahead on my journey toward wellness. After extensive research, I learned that science supports a plant-based diet for overall wellness.

I started incorporating plant-based foods and discovered they made me feel energetic. After that, I discovered the healing properties of this beautiful multi-faceted plant, used for thousands of years for wellness, beauty, and peace. Once I included full-spectrum hemp oil (CBD oil) into my daily regimen, I noticed a significant improvement in my physical, emotional, and psychological health. It was eye-opening.

It was then that I made it my personal mission to create high-quality, easy to use products that encourage people to use hemp in their everyday life. I began my company after being diagnosed with breast cancer and not finding any natural remedies to help me feel better.

I started Jenny’s Baked at Home because during my process of discovering hemp as a tool to heal. There were no products out there that I could easily find. I wanted to have a platform where I could educate others and create the all-natural products that were missing during my search. By sharing my journey with others, I have been able to help others going through similar challenges that I have. For all my customers, I focus on hemp and healthy foods as part of a holistic approach to one’s overall health.

Jenny's Baked at Home product picture
Tia : What was the most complicated or difficult part in starting Baked at Home?

Jenny : I started Jenny’s Baked at Home when CBD was still a schedule 1. I had no idea where to sell the products I was designing. After it was removed from Schedule 1 list, the the FDA ruled that CBD could not be added to food, which then posed another obstacle for my manufacturing and marketing abilities.

Tia : How does your brand differ from other companies in the same space? What would you say is the key to success at Baked At Home?

Jenny : My brand isn’t just focused on purchasing a new CBD product to try out. It’s about beginning an honest, realistic wellness journey to help others lead their healthiest and happiest lives.

I work individually with all my customers to determine how my products can make a positive difference in their lives. It’s a holistic journey I want to embark on with my customers and introducing hemp into their lives is just one part of a bigger goal.

Tia : Are all your products made in-house or do you work with an outside company to abide in production?

Jenny : When I first began my company, I made all the products in my kitchen at home. As the company and product line started to grow, I partnered with a high-quality, reputable grower and processor in Kentucky. Any outside parties that have helped assemble Baked at Home products are vetted and trained extensively in order to ensure they are putting the same amount of love and care in the products as I would do so myself.

Starting in 2021, all Jenny’s Baked at Home products will be grown, processed, and assembled in New York.

Jenny's Baked at Home interview quote
Tia : What’s the feature that really makes your products stand out from the rest?

Jenny : Everything is edible! All Baked at Home products are organic and use full-spectrum CBD, derived from non-GMO pesticide-free hemp. I would not necessarily go tell my clients to begin eating my Extra Strength CBD Pain Cream, but if they wanted to, it would be totally safe!

Tia : Do you smoke weed yourself? If so, what's your favourite strain?

Jenny : I do not smoke, I prefer edibles. I make healthy edibles by combining high protein and super foods with pure Delta 9 and CBD distillate, more specifically Rick Simpson Oil.

Tia : If someone was looking for an introduction to your brand, what product would you recommend to really showcase Baked At Home?

Jenny : The Coconut Oil is such a versatile product. It can be used to make a bullet coffee, added to oatmeal, used as a finishing oil. It is refined so it does not have the flavor of coconuts, and can be added to any food without disrupting the flavor of that dish. Some of my customer’s just take a teaspoon a day or use it in their hair or skin.

Tia : What’s your best selling product currently? What do you think makes it so sought after?

Jenny : Ginger Tincture is probably the best seller. The tinctures tend to be easy to use and regulate daily. I recommend that customers keep it by their bedsides so that they do not forget to take it daily.

Tia : Does Baked at Home have any plans for new product lines or future expansion?

Jenny : Over the next year, we are relocating all operations, including grow, process, and extraction, to a facility in upstate New York. We look forward to building out the facility and having the ability to show consumers all that goes into developing hemp products. The new facility will allow us to stay local and serve as a vehicle for education for anyone looking to learn more about the hemp plant.

Jenny's Baked at Home interview quote
Tia : What do you think is the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry currently?

Jenny : Every challenge the cannabis industry faces ladders back to federal prohibition and the limits of state-legal cannabis. Until the federal government addresses prohibition, we will always have to deal with a patchwork of contradictory and confusing state laws. While the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018 was a strong first step for the CBD side of the business, we are now caught in a lengthy period of federal and state agencies drafting guidelines and regulations, which leaves small business owners like myself in a highly unregulated marketplace. There are far too many bad actors with no commitment to quality, that cause concern for the industry and leave consumers confused about what to trust. Regulations to ensure safety for all consumers is of the utmost importance and without them the industry cannot grow.

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