Genius Pipe Complete Review: Really Better Than Other Pipes?

Lana Braslavska
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Genius Pipe Complete Review: Really Better Than Other Pipes?

Easy to clean, indestructible, portable, and stylish — that's what thousands of customers from all over the United States say about the Genius Pipe. This is a very interesting device for those who need a durable and small dry pipe. According to the reviews, the Genius Pipe has lots of advantages — but is it really the best pipe in the world and is it worth the money the Genius company wants for it? We'll tell you everything you need to know about the Genius Pipe here — so continue reading to find out whether it's worth it or not.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Genius Pipe

As we've said earlier, thousands of Americans use Genius Pipe every single day, even though it's quite expensive. What is the secret of this small pipe? Why should you consider buying Genius Pipe and not other weed pipes?

Genius Pipe Review: Better Than Other Pipes? - AskGrowers

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Simple use

All the pipes are quite easy-to-use. But the good news is that the Genius Pipe is easier to use than rolling a joint — you just slip the slides apart, put your weed in the net, light it, and start smoking, that's all. The cleaning is also simple, but the problem is that you will have to clean your pipe quite often. We'll cover this later.

Premium build quality and materials

The Genius Pipe is made of aluminum, which is a perfect material for smoking pipes. According to the CDC, aluminum is a perfect material for such purposes — it's just perfectly safe, and it's totally non-toxic. It's also a very strong material, which means it won't break if dropped. And, well, you know that it’s what always happens with the pipes, so that's what we can safely call a major advantage. It's also about the build quality — the Genius Pipe looks like a very durable pipe, and multiple customers' reviews prove this statement.


It's called a dry pipe because there is a water-less filtration system here. Genius Pipe has a waterless filter that cleans the smoke and cools it down. It's all about the Vortex technology when the pipe is made of a lot of small spheres. The air moves around these spheres before it gets to the smoker, and it makes sense that the more the air mover, the colder it is. The smoke becomes cool, and the best news is that you won't lose the taste of your weed — so if you wanna find a pipe that will allow you to feel 100% of the flavor, you should think about buying a Genius Pipe.

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Portable and compact design

That's another major advantage of dry pipes — they are small enough to be taken anywhere. Genius Pipe is the flattest thing you can buy (except for a joint, of course), and this fact makes it extremely portable — you don't need to worry about spilling your weed here. It's simple as that — you simply put this flat thing that weighs only 180 grams in your pocket and travel whenever you want.

It doesn't emit a weed smell

Just to make it clear: Yes, there is an odor from this pipe after you smoke, but there are literally NO pipes without this problem. The good news is that the Genius Pipe emits almost no marijuana smell — it's all about the innovative G-Stone sponge, designed by the Genius company. So you can take this device anywhere without worrying about the smell of your weed. That’s exactly what they call a stealth device.

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Genius Pipe: Pros and Cons

Here's another thing we need to tell you: the Genius Pipe is very close to perfect, but it still has some disadvantages. For example, some users are unhappy with the design of this device, and others don't like its price. Here, we will tell you everything about both the strong and weak sides of this device — so if you wanna know the whole truth, continue reading. Spoiler: this pipe is still worth the money even though it has some flaws.

Genius Pipe Review: Better Than Other Pipes? - AskGrowers


  • Durability. First of all, it’s all about durability — no one wants to buy a new pipe every 2-4 weeks because of the low quality of the device. That’s why the price of Genius Pipe is 100% reasonable — the quality of materials makes this device extremely durable. It feels really solid, and it’s one of the best options for those who are looking for a durable pipe.
  • Smoke quality and flavor. As we have said before, this pipe allows the smoker to experience the original flavor of the flowers or oil. After all, that's one of the reasons why we always try to find the best strain, along with the effects — so if you want to feel that citrus, grape, pine, or chocolate notes and to distinguish the unique flavor profiles of your weed, Genius Pipe is what you need. It's like a pure flavor machine, that's what we can say about it.
  • It doesn’t make you cough. Well, in the majority of cases it doesn’t make you cough. You don't even have to be a cougher type to understand that it's often impossible to avoid coughing when smoking weed. Earlier, we have said that the Genius Pipe has a filter that cools down the air as it comes into you, which means that it delivers a very smooth hit. There is a stereotype that only the water-filtered pipes can cool down the smoke that effectively, but the Genius Pipe smashes this stereotype to pieces. With this device, you can forget about the cough as well as about burned throat — it's extremely smooth; probably one of the smoothest pipes on the market. However, it can still make you cough, but only if you make a VERY huge hit. So, use it right and everything will be great.
  • Stealth design. Some pipes look a little weird — there are items that look like lipstick, a pen, Minion, a coke can, etc, etc. They are often called "stealthy", but that's not the kind of stealth most smokers need. The Genius Pipe is stealthy, but it's a new level of stealth. There is almost no odor when you use it, this device has a small and flat aluminum body that can be easily hidden in your pocket, and, well, this thing just doesn't look like a pipe (but it also doesn't look like a fake lipstick pipe or something like that). It's just a perfect choice for any smoker who wants to have a premium-quality stealth device.
  • There are lots of Genius Pipe accessories. The Genius official shop doesn't only offer one product, but a set of products — you can buy a classic pipe, a pipe with a cool design (for those who want to brag with it), and even a limited version of this device. But that's not all — you can also buy a lot of cool accessories here to accompany your brand new device. From a carrying case to a pack of self-repairing screens, from a Taster (an accessory that turns your pipe to a small dab rig) to an anti-odor spray... The assortment is extremely wide, and we believe that it's another advantage of this device.

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  • You'll have to clean it thoroughly and quite often. It's easy to clean the Genius Pipe, but just like any other device, it must be cleaned regularly. It's not a time-consuming process, but you'll have to do it very often if you are a regular user. If you're ok with cleaning your pipe every few days, this thing will work perfectly for you.
  • It’s quite expensive. The price depends on the shop, but on average, the price is about $80-$100 for a standard pipe (the limited versions cost up to $120). There is also a "Light" version of the pipe, and the price of the Light Genius Pipe is almost twice lower ($60). It's a bit higher than average ($30-$50), but we believe that it's a reasonable price for such quality.
  • It’s not the best choice for group sharing. Almost any pipe isn't really perfect for group sharing, and this one is not an exception. The bowl is small, and it's a great option for personal use, but if you prefer huge bowls, Genius Pipe is not the best choice for you.

Genius Pipe: Cleaning And Changing Screen

Changing the screen is extremely simple here. You open the pipe, remove the screen, and insert the new one, that's all.

Cleaning the device is one of the easiest things in the world. Slide it apart, wipe it down (you can use a sponge and an alcohol wipe), voila, it's done. It's very important to not use cleaners that contain chemicals because they can ruin the aluminum finish.

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Conclusion. Is Genius Pipe Worth The Money?

Summarizing all of the above, we provide you with a video on how to use and how to clean the Genius Pipe.

So, our answer is yes. This device is not perfect — like, it’s a little more expensive than an average pipe and it must be cleaned every 2-3 days if you are a regular smoker. But these disadvantages are easily outweighed by the strong sides of Genius Pipe — it’s a very easy-to-use device, it’s portable and stealthy, and it has a great filtration system. So, if you want to enjoy a cool and flavored smoke for less than $90, Genius Pipe is exactly what you need.

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