11 Simple Rules To Enjoy Smoking Weed For Beginners

Lana Braslavska
Lana Braslavska

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11 Simple Rules To Enjoy Smoking Weed For Beginners

Do you remember how exhilarating it was to take the first-ever dive in the pool, ski across the snow, ride through the mountain valleys, or board a plane for the first time? Well, you can double up all enthralling experiences of your lives, sum them up, and the resulting excitement is what you will get when you smoke your first joint ever.

However, it can be a tricky business to get the perfect drag in the beginning because it is not just the smoking you have to worry about. Yes, you are required to pick out the ideal variety of weed, make sure it is legal in the place, obtain it from a local vendor, roll the perfect joint, and then you can smoke it like the pro that you are.

Apart from the above steps involved, there are millions of illegal businesses that are ready to rip you off in the name of incredible high. Not to forget the side-effects inferior quality cannabis can have on your health. So, you need to keep these concerns in mind too.

To help you out, we have combined all the information you need to know as a cannabis beginner. So, read along to discover how you can make your first adventure with cannabis unforgettable, yet safe.

Rule #1: Know Laws Of The Land

The "laws of the land" here refers to the legalization of weed in your part of the country. Yes, despite so much agitation to legalize pot in the US for recreational purposes, only eight countries have successfully done so. In the case of cannabis for medicinal purposes, 35 states have accepted the substance's calibre to relieve pain.

Then again, till 2016, more than 87% of the weed in the country came from illegal sources, which are not produced under the approved circumstances, having a poor effect on consumers’ well-being. Now, such a practice only widens the gap between the approval of authorities for allowing weed to be sold legally in your region.

Therefore, we would advise you to go through the weed laws in your state and check whether it is a permissible substance in the region you live in. Also, even if weed is sold legally in your state, there are regulations regarding the quantity you can purchase at once, how it is supposed to be bought, and many other steps associated with the process. So, make sure you comply with all of them before you make your first purchase.

The inability to adhere to the regulations might end up making your experience unforgettable, but only because you might have to go to jail for the first time, too.

So, if cannabis is illegal in your state or your building does not permit its residents to smoke weed, make sure you smoke your first joint when you visit a state where it is allowed. Also, you HAVE to be of the legal age to buy and possess marijuana. In California, for instance, you have to be at least 21 and possess a legal ID to buy marijuana. The quantity of that too must not exceed eight grams of concentrated oil and an ounce of flower in a day.

Be sure that you do not go against the laws for obtaining marijuana, as it can cost you a lot more than imprisonment. Yes, if you are caught using illicit marijuana, you can face eviction from the public housing project that you are a part of, lose your federal entitlements, and, if you are living as a tenant, even your landlords have the right to throw you out. Also, your employers can fire you on the grounds of going against marijuana laws.

Rule #2: Find The Drugs

Once you are through with the legal requirements of obtaining marijuana in your state, the next step you need to follow is to find a reliable connection to obtain it. Since marijuana is not always sold openly in stores, you need to have some connections to obtain some, making sure that the source is legal.

It is necessary to have a legalized manufacturer to supply your weed because they receive the approval of the government only when their growing facilities and laboratories are safe. In this way, you will not be exposed to a million fatal contaminants such as rat poison, pesticides, mold, bugs, debris, and other chemicals used in the process.

Apart from finding a reliable seller, make sure that they supply the superior quality of bud for your first experience. Although there are cheaper alternatives available in the market, there are some other flaws in it. Either the cultivator could have messed it up while growing, or the manufacturing or extraction was not to the point. So, again, abstain from weed from the black market.

A good way to figure out your marijuana dealer is to ask around. Ask your friends and family members that you can trust about where they obtain their stuff from. Once you have discovered a dispensary or a neighbourhood dealer, do ask them a few important questions. These questions can be about the name of the strain, when and where it was cultivated, and whether they have conducted the authorized checks on it, such as the ones for mold and pesticides.

Also, you can use cannabis delivery. Since pandemic times marijuana delivery service is developing at a high rate.

Rule #3: Know Your Drugs Before Buying Them

Now that you have a reliable dealer to supply you with quality weed, you need to understand what you want to buy. Mostly, the salesperson you are dealing with will categorize the weed into 3 types, namely, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. All of them are types of strains, Sativa out of them is renowned for uplifting the mood so that you can go about your day. CBD is the major component in Sativa. Therefore, it is legal in most states due to its medicinal qualities.

On the other hand, Indica strains are known for giving us cannabis that has a sedating effect on the body. The major compound present in Indica is THC, which can make you lose your motor skills and cognitive prowess under its effect. This is the reason why many states do not accept it as a medicinal drug. Then again, it is quite popular as a recreational substance.

Hybrids are a combination of both, but they often tend to incline more towards one of them. Some of them contain as much as 80% of THC, and the rest is CBD. The choice is yours because you can find almost any consistency of cannabis out there in the form of concentrates and edibles.

If you are one of those individuals who willingly spend hours looking for the best pair of socks on the internet, then you are in for a treat. Well, you can spend your remaining time looking for the ratios of cannabinoid compounds that will work best for you. Beware of too much THC in your weed the very first time as it can be really sedating and might take you a lot of strain to come back to your senses. Choose a balanced compound ratio with cannabinoids and terpenes to get a good high.

Moreover, marijuana, especially good quality one, can be a little expensive. So, for the first time, buy as little as possible so that you do not end up wasting money if smoking flowers is not up to your alley. Most individuals who do not like to smoke their weed opt for edibles, which can be ingested directly; or concentrates which they can vaporize.

Another time when you need to be careful is when your friend or colleague offers you some weed. So, do not hesitate to ask whether it is a Sativa or Indica strain. If it is Indica, we would advise you to refuse unless you want your friend to carry you to bed. Sativa strain is still fine, but make sure that you are not required to handle any task of responsibility afterward, such as operating heavy machinery or signing a legal document.

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Rule #4: Smoke up!

Once you have the weed in your possession, all that is left to do is to smoke it. For this step, we would advise you to pick a spot that is familiar to you and is a private space. Place where you smoke is crucial because you would not want to be in an unfamiliar space, which can cause you paranoia once you are high enough.

Another aspect you should be considerate about is to be surrounded by people you love and trust. Also, even though it sounds enthralling to visit a concert or an amusement park when high to enjoy the rides and relish the high, it is an equally poor decision for your first try. So, give yourself a couple of tries to get used to smoking weed, or mixing it with alcohol before you are ready to devour the high in public.

The next decision that befalls upon you now is to lock up on a method that you will use to smoke the weed. The experts recommend smoking a small pipe for the first-timers. They are cheap and easily available in most gas stations. Although glass pipes are illegal in some states due to cannabis laws, most smoke stores have them.

Making DIY pipes is not a very difficult business either, then again, the first time smokers are advised to stick to store-bought options.

Vaping the flower is another popular method that you can opt for if you are not a fan of carbon that complements smoking. However, it can be comparatively more expensive than the glass pipe. Also, the vaping rig can only be obtained online. Then again, if you are looking for a milder experience without any combustion involved, vaping is the right call. Apart from these methods, you can roll a humble joint too.

Rule #5: What Are The Methods You Should Avoid?

While you know what the methods that will help you smoke a joint better are, there are others that you might be aware of but should avoid. We would recommend you to abstain from bongs, dab rigs, and edibles strictly because they can be a bit addictive and overpowering. Instead, you should wait till you build a little resistance before you opt for these options. When you have no resistance, you might get paranoid, experience severe anxiety, or have panic attacks due to the lack of resistance.

Edibles are advised against because they come in the form of delectable chocolates, candies, brownies, and other desserts and take time to reach your digestive system. Until and unless these treats do not reach your digestive system, you will not feel high might end up eating more than you are supposed to. Now, the high that will hit you might leave you unconscious for hours to come.

Along with the source of weed, triple check on the weed that you are obtaining because even they can be dangerous. Many individuals are known to have hurt themselves while smoking weed because the vape pen burst in the middle of the process. So, opt for only trustworthy brands and sellers.

Also, no matter whether you are consuming cannabis for recreational purposes or medicinal requirements, you should not be high when on the move. Yes, abstain from smoking weed when you are driving, flying the plane, or cycling across the town; because not only you run the risk of an accident, the police might catch you and impose a heavy charge on you.

Rule #6: How To Handle The High Before You Hit It Up

While you might become a believer in the fact that there is nothing as getting too high later in life, as a beginner, getting too high can be a dire situation for you. You might experience hallucination nausea and paranoia when you have consumed excessive weed. So, in such situations, maintain calm and dial 911 if you have to.

Certain seasoned users also suggest that you can opt for a feast before you smoke to overpower the uncontrollable high. Others are of the opinion that you should invest time in working out or simply crawl under the sheets and take a nap.

Rule #7: Engage In Quality Entertainment Or Anything Engrossing

Once you are stoned, anything as simple as watching ants form a trail on the wall of your yard can entertain you. So, why not invest time in getting yourself some quality entertainment before you get stoned so that you have it handy when you are ready to have fun. There is a multitude of video games, music, movies, and TV series that are designed for the stoners, the ones who are constantly high. Not only will you enjoy your entertainment more while you are under the effect of marijuana, but you will also lose all records of time until you are back to normal.

Remember, your senses are not in great shape once you have smoked pot. Therefore, you should avoid going shopping, talking to important and sensitive people, and making big life decisions once you are stoned. No matter how ready you are to get married, a proposal, while you are stoned, is never a good idea.

Rule #8: If You Have To Clear A Drug Test Sometime Soon

Even though marijuana has become a legal substance in your state, several employers do not want to risk the confidential data of their firm in the hands of someone who is a stoner. Yes, no matter how responsible you are, as a consumer of cannabis, cooperatives might see you as a liability if you are unable to clear the drug test.

Not just that, your probation officer or the welfare provider might also object to support someone who is using marijuana for recreational purposes. Therefore, you must clear the drug test.

Since you are a beginner and not a seasoned user of cannabis as yet, getting rid of THC traces from your body is possible but challenging. Yes, typically, the traces of THC last in your system for around 30 days because they are embedded with the fat cells and are tough to eliminate through the urinary channel. So, we would advise you to stop smoking cannabis at least 30 days before the test and use detox drinks to make sure most of the fat cells go down the drain through sweat and urine.

Since standard drug tests only account for the THC present in urine, make sure that you do not work out right before the tests. Otherwise, the fat cells will be released in the urine before the test, and you will not be able to clear it. Also, when looking for a promising detoxifier at your chemist's never mention that you are picking one up to clear the drug test. The fewer people know about your connection with cannabis, the better it would be.

Other Tips You Should Follow For Your Well-Being

Rule #9: Hydrate yourself constantly

hydrated yourself image

When you are about to take your drag, make sure that you hydrate yourself well before and after you have smoked. This is crucial because the consumption of the substance can rid you of all the water present in the body and make you feel like a dry log. So, do not shy away from loading yourself with gallons of water after you get up all hungover.

Rule #10: Schedule your smoking session

schedule image

Since you are a beginner, you have little idea about how your body is going to react to the substance. There is a possibility that you might end up in a puddle after the effect hits you. Therefore, ensure that you have no important meetings, no get-togethers, or dates scheduled when you get stoned.

For this, you can simply select a day, weekend mostly, when you have got nothing on your plate, and you will not fall into trouble if you do not step out. Also, the place should be familiar so that you don't end up crashing in a random park full of strangers.

We understand that smoking weed outdoors sounds fun. Then again, it is no fun when you don't know what is going to happen to you after you are stoned. To begin with, the couch in your living room is a great option.

Rule #11: Form a group to smoke with

Once you have developed a taste for smoking weed, you are ready to smoke with a group of friends. Make sure that even though all of them are not stoners, they are someone you can trust, and they approve of your smoking weed. It is essential because smoking weed alone is no fun unless you are able to experience the high with a bunch of buddies with whom you can engage in conversations.

When you are stone, you don't care about what you are saying unless it sounds like philosophy in your head.

Now, since you are smoking with a bunch of friends, you should know better than to pass "cache" to your friend. Well, a cache is simply a joint that has only ash left in it. So, if your friend ends up smoking ash out of it, you will ruin the entire experience for them.

Final Takeaway

To sum up, everything we have discussed in this article so far, even something that sounds as easygoing as getting stoned, requires a lot of knowledge. For starters, you should know the laws prevalent in your state so that you do not end up in prison or get kicked out of your rented apartment. Then you should obtain good quality weed from a trusted seller and use a familiar, but private space to smoke.

Make sure that you use the simpler and cheaper options to smoke your weed and exercise all precautions.

Once you have smoked weed a couple of times and developed a taste for it, you are ready to try different forms of it and enter the league of true stoners.

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