Social Distancing? Learn How To Roll A Joint

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Social Distancing? Learn How To Roll A Joint

A massive part of marijuana consumed around the World is via a joint. For some members of the cannabis family, rolling the joint is a crucial element of the cannabis consumption ritual. It’s a moment of mindfulness and is almost meditative. For other members of the community, the need to roll a joint is practically prohibitive.

We need to emphasize that in times of growing hygiene demands, every member of the community must learn how to roll for yourself. In this article, you will learn all the best practices of rolling your joint. You will get tips to complete your rolling kit, to treat your material, and finally, the act of rolling a joint. This way, you will have the satisfying experience of finishing a quality joint that offers you the most comfortable experience with cannabis, and the most hygienic.

Have A Solid Joint Rolling Kit

Using subpar material to roll your joint will make it less pleasant and inviting. It's just like having ice cream with a soup spoon or having a cake baked in the microwave. The tools you use affect the outcome. You must take good care of your kit, not just to make it complete, but to keep it clean and hygienic.

Joint rolling kitThe best kits contain:

  • A small and easy to wash bag
  • The strain, extract, and oils of your choice
  • Rolling papers
  • Rolling tips or filter
  • Grinder
  • Nail scissor (optional)
  • Silicone bowl
  • Silicone slick
  • Lighter

The bag is to keep every item on the kit in a safe, dry, and clean space, so you don’t lose your paraphernalia. Of course, the most important things that you need to have is cannabis and rolling papers. We strongly recommend that you carry rolling tips for a more comfortable, and even easier rolling experience. The grinder, nail scissor, and silicone bowl are for pulverizing the cannabis. The silicon slick serves to store your marijuana from germs, humidity, and impurities.

Make Yourself Comfortable Before Rolling Your First Joint

Set yourself in a nice place, protected from the wind, with a comfortable chair, and a plain board. Use a rolling tray for an even better experience. Give yourself some privacy. Play a sweet song in the background. Remind this is a ritual and try to relax. Rolling a joint can be a moment of mindfulness. Once you roll your first joint in beautiful shape, you will roll all your future joints in beautiful shape.

Make It Like A Powder Before Rolling Your First Joint

An extremely underrated part of rolling a perfect joint is to grind well your cannabis. It’s incredibly frustrating when your joint keep smothering after a few puffs. The best remedy for smothering joints is to crush your marijuana to tiny bits. We also suggest that you carry a nail scissor to break it even in smaller pieces.

The more you crumble your marijuana, the more constant is the ember and cleaner is the experience. Also, a better-grinded pot makes it easier to conform to the shape of the joint later.

Make cannabis a powder

If you enjoy extracts, prioritize cleaner extraction processes like ice-o-lator, charas, and rosin presses. If you are going to smoke solvent-based extractions, don’t forget to heat it with your lighter so the solvent can evaporate.

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To Action: Quick Steps For Rolling A Joint

Now, with everything in place, you can start rolling your joint. Take your time, don’t be rushed, once you roll one perfect joint, every other joint you roll will get easier. Start by making a filter off your rolling tip. Pick your rolling paper and observe there is one side that has glue in its border and consider that.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make a filter off your rolling tip
  2. Open the rolling paper and place the filter
  3. Fill the joint with cannabis
  4. Spread the cannabis in the rolling paper to make it uniform
  5. Pack the joint. Use both hands and press the two overlapping faces of the rolling paper against each other to keep the shape uniform
  6. Once you have a good shape, roll the joint
  7. Lick the side of your rolling paper that has glue and close the joint
  8. Finish your joint by pressing the cannabis toward the direction of the filter, poke the outside, and twist

Quick steps for rolling a joint

During this process, focus on making the most beautiful joint you can make. Don’t rush. Concentrate, Be mindful. This is medicine to you, be careful with your medicine. Having your own made joint in a beautiful and convenient matter is blissful.

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Enjoy Your Joint

Now, after you followed every step with patience and attention, you are probably having a great time. Congratulations! You just had some minutes of meditation!

Enjoy the pleasant scent, the ember that doesn’t smother easily, in a clean joint. Take your time. Enjoy your music. And be creative! It’s always fun to try different shapes of joints.

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