Are Luxury Cannabis Accessories Worth Their High Price?

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Are Luxury Cannabis Accessories Worth Their High Price?

Until recently, cannabis culture has often been thought of as somewhat of a taboo subject.

But despite a seedy history, today, the market value of the US cannabis industry is estimated at around $61 billion.

At the same time, forecasts show that global legal cannabis sales in 2020 reached a whopping $21.4 billion, representing a 48% increase from 2019.

What’s more is that by 2024, it’s expected that cannabis sales will reach about $43 billion, and with an estimated CAGR of 25%, the industry is predicted to hit $57 billion by the year 2027.

In other words, today, more than ever, consumers are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on weed products, flower, and luxury cannabis pieces.

This includes hand-blown glass bongs that might cost anywhere from $100 to $800, as well as designer grinders, gold roach clips, papers, and even wholly customized luxury rolling trays.

The High Price of Cannabis Smoking Accessories

Although there’s still a lack of cannabis regulation and legalization at the federal level in the US, there are no such regulatory issues regarding cannabis accessories like pipes, bongs, rolling trays, and papers.

Therefore, we see a significant boom in retailers and brands hopping on the cannabis bandwagon.

Today, you’ll find weed grinders, stash boxes, and lighters in many retail clothing stores, such as Urban Outfitters, in their “herbal accessories” sections.

In the past, pot enthusiasts had practically no other choice than to hide their weed accessories and paraphernalia when having company over for a visit.

On the other hand, things have now changed, and luxury brands like Edie Parker, Higher Standards, Leaf & Wood are creating luxury cannabis accessories, meant to be showpieces, left on display, rather than “heat-scores” that get hidden away in closets and bedside drawers.

But one big question remains; are luxury cannabis accessories genuinely worth their high price tags? Or are today’s designer brands simply taking advantage of a new and wide-open target audience?

Below, we’ll highlight some of the top luxury brands currently dominating the industry, as well as exploring whether or not it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on these high-priced luxury cannabis smoking accessories.

Top Luxury Weed Accessories and Brands

According to fashion leaders like Brett Heyman, the owner, and founder of Edie Parker, the object of creating such luxury pieces is to help “normalize cannabis” and cannabis accessories.

In turn, it’s brands like these that are working to remove the stigma surrounding cannabis culture while also creating a more enjoyable cannabis experience for those who partake.

That said, let’s take a look at some of today’s leading luxury cannabis accessory brands and what they have to offer.

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Born in the heart of New York City, Freeminded is one of the leading brands currently creating luxury weed-smoking accessories.

According to the brand, they’ve spent four years perfecting their collection of weed products and accessories, all made from the finest materials, which are “painstakingly constructed, tested, and refined.”

The majority of Freeminded accessories come in bold tones and colors, said to be a statement of the brand’s self-expression. Additionally, their luxury accessories are shipped in bespoke packaging, which further adds to the brand’s luxury experience.

Lastly, all Freeminded products come with a guarantee and thorough care instructions specific to the material of the chosen product.

Edie Parker Flower

Edie Parker Flower

Founded by Brett Heyman in 2010, Edie Parker is a brand entirely inspired by mid-century fashion and style in America during the 1950s and 1960s.

Before launching her brand, Heyman was an avid collector of vintage clutches and handbags.

Eventually, after having trouble finding the handbags she loved so dearly in vintage shops, Heyman decided to launch her very own brand of vintage-style bags and designer purses for a new generation of Americans.

Today, Heyman has expanded her designer lineup to include Edie Parker Flower, a bright, colorful cannabis accessories line, including pipes, grinders, papers, rolling trays, and more!

According to Edie Parker, Flower is “a line of colorful collectibles for friends in high places.”

It is one of the first brands to merge both the worlds of fashion and cannabis flower, offering dozens of new and innovative ways to light up during a night out.

Flower accessories are made using high-quality materials and can be shipped anywhere in the US for FREE on all orders over $50.

Higher Standards

Higher Standards

Alongside Freeminded and Edie Parker, Higher Standards is another luxury cannabis accessory brand currently paving the way for a more elegant smoking experience.

They provide a comprehensive lineup of cannabis accessories, including high-quality, crafted stash jars, glass bowls, and all sorts of other smoking tools and accessories.

You’ll also find many heavy-duty glass products, like bongs and pipes, hemp wraps and cones, care and maintenance products, as well as apparel and lifestyle products from this brand.

Leaf & Wood

Leaf & Wood

With a slightly more targeted product lineup, Leaf & Wood is a brand that specializes in making luxury rolling trays and display blocks for weed enthusiasts everywhere.

And we’re not talking about your basic plastic rolling tray either!

Made using luxuriously elegant wood species, such as teak, cocobolo, white oak, and walnut, these rolling trays and display blocks are genuinely one of a kind and can be made to include all sorts of extra features, such as slots to hold your rolling papers and tool holder sleeves.

Additionally, Leaf & Wood works closely with its clients to provide entirely custom-built, one-of-a-kind projects.



Since the company’s humble beginnings as a royal stationer and engraver in Paris nearly two years ago in 1826, Devambez has had the same mission: to create luxurious, elegant items, “using paper as a medium of power, authority and emotional impact.”

Since then, the French Maison has won dozens of awards for its mastery of paper products, as well as its artistic execution.

Today, the company has branched out into creating organic hemp rolling papers, which offer a genuinely exquisite smoking experience.

Rogue PAQ Full Ritual Gift Set

Rogue PAQ Full Ritual Gift Set

Designed to offer a genuinely comprehensive smoking experience, the Rogue PAQ Full Ritual Gift Set is truly a one-of-a-kind luxury accessory kit.

The kit includes a wide range of smoking tools and accessories, such as a gold-toned roach clip/packing tool, gold-toned trimming scissors, 3 UV-resistant storage vials, and more, all packed into leather or vegan leather carrying case!

Each Rogue PAQ kit comes with a complimentary monogram of up to 6 capital letters and two special characters to top it all off.

Are Luxury Cannabis Accessories Worth Their High Price?

Some say yes, some say no!

So whether or not these high-end luxury cannabis accessories are worth their higher price tags all boils down to opinion and personal preference.

While a luxury bong might not smoke all that much differently from a cheaper, lower-end bong, the difference is said to be in the eye of the beholder.

So for those who are genuinely weed enthusiasts with a bit of extra cash to spare, a high-end luxury cannabis accessory will be worth the cost.

But there’s also nothing wrong with picking up a traditional pack of Zig-Zags to roll up your next joint!

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