Mastering The High: How Long Does A Marijuana High Last?

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Mastering The High: How Long Does A Marijuana High Last?

When I was a newcomer to the cannabis world and culture, I had some worries about the length of the high. In my very first time having marijuana, I thought the high was not going to end at all, but as I got used to it, I knew everything was going to be okay.

Don't worry, every cannabis high ends, and it will not be different with you. Marijuana has a wide array of possible lengths of psychoactive effects, depending on how you consume it. It can be no less than 1 hour, to no more than 24 hours. It can also be interrupted at any time if you have the proper material on your kit. In this article, you are going to understand:

  • What factors the length of a cannabis high;
  • How can you manipulate the period of a marijuana high;
  • How you can interrupt the high at any moment.

So buckle up, and let's learn how you can control how long your high is going to be.

What Causes Marijuana High? Why Does It Matter?

Every different cannabis strain or extract can offer you unique experiences on its own. The reason for that is that different strains carry different compositions in their essential oils and cannabinoids, and their effects can vary. The cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects is the famous delta-tetrahydrocannabinol-9, the THC. It gives you that energetic, euphoric, and giggly state of being high.

Concentration of THC

So, if you pick a cannabis strain with 0% of THC, the amount of time you will spend high is zero. The higher the concentration of THC, the longer will be the feeling of high. If you opt to use extracts like hash oil, or rosin, the sense of high will be even longer because of the higher THC rates these extracts usually showcase. So, to summarize:

  • 0% THC doesn't give any high time;
  • The higher the THC%, the longer you will spend high;
  • Extracts like hash oils and rosin usually hit faster and last longer than cannabis in the brute state.
  • Don't abuse it, especially if you are not self-aware yet

Can I Stop My Cannabis High Right Now?

Yes, you can! If you have the right combination of strains or oils in your kit, you have the chance of stopping your "highness" right now. This happens because of another cannabidiol present at some variety of strains: the famous CBD. Strains that are rich in CBD don't give you the psychoactive effect characteristic of being high. CBD also has the feature of neutralizing the THC high.

This means that, if you are uncomfortable with your THC high, or you need to be completely fit right now for an important and unexpected event, it's easy for you: just consume a bit of CBD, that your feeling of high should be interrupted in a few moments.

So, if you are unsure about your comfort during a marijuana high, find a delicious CBD strain to keep around your kit, so you can interrupt the THC's psychoactive effect if you need it.

How You Are Consuming Marijuana Matters!

Both the time needed to activate the psychoactive effects and the length of the cannabis high, are heavily influenced by how you consume it. There are four ways of consuming marijuana: by smoking, by vaping, by eating, and by dabbing.

Ways of Consuming Marijuana

  • By smoking or vaping. The effects are quick to hit; usually, around 10 minutes after consumption, you may start to see its peak. This state typically lasts from 1 to 3 hours depending on the strain or extract's composition, and your individual characteristics. There is an after high calm state that can linger for around 10 hours total. Best if you need to be straight in a shorter time;
  • By eating. Differently from any other way to consume cannabis, the absorption of the psychoactive components of cannabis is made via the digestive tract. This way of consuming peaks 2 hours after consumption and the calming state can last up to 24 hours after the edible. Best if you need a longer-lasting effect;
  • By dabbing. This is the purest and cleanest way of consuming cannabinoids. By dabbing, you will have the psychoactive components of marijuana directly to your lungs infused with vaporized water. Given the high purity, the THC effects can kick instantaneously after a hit, and the high lasts longer than by smoking or vaping. Better for your health than smoking.

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You Are an Individual and Marijuana High Might Feel Different for You

Never forget that your individuality and your body constitution play a role in the length of your pot high. Your body mass, your metabolism, and your mental fitness all play a role in how you will experience your cannabis consumption.

  • The higher the body mass, the more significant is the quantity of THC needed to experience the high, and make it last;
  • Every person has a different metabolism, and this will shape your body's ability to process substances. If your body has a slow metabolism, it's very likely that the THC's psychoactive effects will last longer;
  • Hydration has an impact on your metabolism. Keep drinking plenty of water if you want to speed up your metabolism.

Regarding mind fitness, always remember that your mental state is a decisive factor to avoid unpleasant side effects that you can experience during a THC high. Going through an uncomfortable high will make you have an excessively distorted perception of time.

Mental State Importance

So if you have the tendency to feel paranoia, or didn't build a mental tolerance through personal experience, you may feel the high to last way longer than it actually lasted. So take it easy, especially if you still haven't reached the golden standards of self-awareness.

Wrapping Things Up: A Checklist of a Time-Controlled Marijuana Experience

An essential aspect of joining the marijuana culture is to master the length of a cannabis high. As you learned in this article, there are mainly three aspects that matter for the duration of your marijuana experience, and they are:

  • What are you consuming;
  • How you are consuming;
  • Your individual characteristics regarding your body, mind, and experience.

Regarding what you are consuming:

  • The higher the concentration and quantity of THC, the longer the effects;
  • CBD-rich extracts and strains neutralize and interrupt the psychoactive effects;
  • Extracts are usually purer and have more prolonged effects than a marijuana flower.

On the aspect of how you are using marijuana:

  • Smoking and vaping marijuana is very quick to hit and go away faster;
  • Eating cannabis takes longer to work, but also takes longer to pass;
  • Dabbing is the fastest to hit, and the length of the effect is healthier than smoking and vaping.

Regarding your individual characteristics:

  • The higher your body mass, the slower the high is to hit and go away;
  • The faster your metabolism, the faster the high is to hit and go away;
  • The more hydrated you are, the faster your metabolism is;
  • Your mental state impacts your perception of time.

Now that you hold all the critical information wrapped up to enjoy your mastery of marijuana use and put all those things learned in practice. Be in charge of your cannabis experience and use your knowledge to your advantage in everyday life.

Enjoy self-awareness. Embrace life!

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