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Procana CBD PM Sleep Capsules 450 mg Image
Procana CBD PM Sleep Capsules 450 mg Image

Procana CBD PM Sleep Capsules 450 mg

Category: CBD Capsules

Subcategory: CBD SoftGels

Brand: Procana

CBD: 450 mg

THC: free

Flavour: Natural

Servings: 15 mg per serving

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CBD PM Night-Time Softgels Review

Start thinking about those restless nights as it’s nothing but a bad dream with potent Procana CBD PM night-time softgels. Get all the wellness benefits of CBD and support your sleep routine just in one capsule. The unique formula combines powerful sleepy ingredients: 15 mg of CBD and 3 mg of Melatonin in each softgel. Such a blend aids to calm your mind so you fall asleep faster and experience a deep rest during the night. Convenient and portable capsules with a pre-measured dosage of all active components will definitely become the perfect solution for anyone looking for a simple, easy CBD routine with high-quality hemp-derived CBD.

Almost all Procana CBD PM Softgels for sleep reviews report phenomenal deep sleep and burst of energy in the morning. To experience deep relaxation in the nighttime, swallow a pill with a glass of water or another drink about one hour before going to sleep. You may want to increase the dosage and it’s up to you. But keep in mind that despite you will feel the effect of CBD and melatonin right after the first use, after a few weeks when CBD builds up in your body, you may find the sleep product more effective. All Procana products are natural and perfectly safe for usage, however, they are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Procana Laboratories was founded in 2013. Ever since, this brand has been at the forefront of the manufacturing and research of cannabinoids.. This one of the rare companies that deliver both cannabidiol and cannabigerol products, as well as full-spectrum hemp products.