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Extract Labs CBN Capsules PM Formula Full Spectrum 900 mg

91% of buyers find this product good for Better Sleep

Category: CBD Capsules

Subcategory: CBD SoftGels

Brand: Extract Labs

CBD: 900 mg

CBN: 300 mg

THC: 30 mg

Flavour: Natural

Cbd per serving: 30 mg

Suggested dosage: 1 capsule before bed

Potential effects: Promotes better sleep

Servings per pack: 30 capsules

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Extract Labs PM Formula CBD&CBN Hemp Softgels Review

Now, you can have a calm and relaxing night’s sleep with PM Formula CBD&CBN hemp softgels designed by Extract Labs. These golden gelatin capsules contain 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD and 10 mg of CBN each. Extract Labs has created this nighttime sleep formula using CBN, a minor cannabinoid known to provide ultimate relaxation. This powerful duo helps people relax, improves general wellness, promotes calmness, and contributes to sleep support. Due to a full-spectrum CBD profile, all cannabinoids work in tandem and increase each other’s effects. PM Formula CBD&CBN hemp softgels offer a convenient and dropper-free way to add CBD to your bedtime routine. They arrive in a 30-count bottle.

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of buyers find this product good for Better Sleep
Dona Catlett

My only qualm with this Extract Labs company is their capsules are absolutely flavorless. I would have greatly appreciated some sweetnes sor eben a tangy taste in the background. That blandness kinda reminds me of taking actual medicine which sucks

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Janet Stumpf

this some very potent stuff if you ask me. 30mg CBD and 10mg CBN. THats what grampa used to call trouble. I took one last night three hours before bed and was so sure I would not be sleeping anytime soon. I was out in lss than an hour of taking the capsule

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Extract Labs is way expensive but at least their products are quite effective.

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About Extract Labs

Extract Labs is a CBD brand and also a cGMP lab founded in 2016. The brand was born by combat veteran Craig Henderson who witnessed the benefits of CBD in the veteran community and wanted to make these benefits available to everyone.. Years later, this company is now featured in Vet100 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Veteran-Owned Businesses according to Inc.

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