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Joint Health, For Dogs
WARNING: Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

ANIML Wellness Move Dog Chews 600 mg


Category: CBD Products For Pets

Subcategory: CBD Pet Treats

Brand: ANIML Wellness

CBD: 600 mg

THC: 0%

Weight: 285 g

Flavour: Natural

Cbd per serving: 10 mg

Suggested dosage: 1 chew

Potential effects: Helps relieve occasional joint stiffness

Servings per pack: 60 chews

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

ANIML Wellness 600 mg CBD Move Dog Chews Review

Joint pain can be an issue not only for aging canines but also for active young dogs. ANIML Wellness has formulated the 600 mg CBD Move dog chews that improve bone and joint health, ease pain, relieve stiffness and swelling, and help increase mobility. These all-natural CBD pet treats are enriched with organic hemp extract and loaded with glucosamine that helps maintain synovial fluid crucial for lubricating joints. With regular use, your furry friend will move without discomfort after daily exercises. The 600 mg CBD Move dog chews come in a 60-count zippered pouch. The daily serving recommended by ANIML Wellness is 5 mg CBD per 10 lbs.

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Jessica Chaney

Bone broth, fish, ginger, and now movedog chews, these are all things we've incorporated to help with bone health.

Cannabis Aficionado

Last week, our dog got out and was missing for a few hours, he came back with a limp which broke my heart. After the vet visit I got movedog chews to help with inflammation and pain relief.


the oldest dog in my pack has athritis and lazes around the house most of the time, the only way to get her moving is with the promise of a treat, I love the added bonus that movedog chews offer benefits for bone and joint health

Bryan Clear

One hour, that's the longest we used to stay at the dog park, that was before I started giving my puppy one ANIML Wellness movedog chew as we left the house, now I feel like a mean person recalling her so we can go home, her energy is so high, she wants to play with every dog, and run everywhere!


I walk dogs, and it's been quite hectic since the older ones are having a problem keeping up with the pups, the owners are okay that I introduced ANIML Wellness movedog chews for treats

Stress Striker

Noticeably less whimpering from our senior dog now.


Pup's prize

Samuel Johnson

suitable for long-term use

About ANIML Wellness

ANIML Wellness ReviewBased in California, ANIML Wellness is well known for its CBD-infused products for dogs, cats, and horses (also suitable for goats, mules, and cows). They are made with UDSA-certified organic hemp grown in the United States.. The hemp is free of GMOs and other contaminants.

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