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Absolute Nature CBD Salve CBD 500 mg

85% of buyers find this product good for Pain Relief

Category: CBD Topicals

Subcategory: CBD Balm

Brand: Absolute Nature CBD

CBD: 500 mg

THC: 33 mg

Weight: 30 g (1 Oz.)

Flavour: Natural

Potential effects: Promotes overall wellness, reduces pain

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Absolute Nature CBD 500 mg CBD Relief Salve Review

Full-spectrum 500 mg CBD relief salve is crafted by Absolute Nature CBD to ease joint pain and reduce discomfort in strained muscles. Made with a special plant-based formula, this topical combines numerous medicinal botanicals known for their healing properties, such as chamomile, arnica, willow, aloe, rosemary, and green tea. The list of essential oils added to the 500 mg CBD relief salve is impressive – hemp seed, grapefruit seed, pine, almond, wintergreen, basil, tea tree, olive, coconut, peppermint, and lavender. Naturally, the core ingredient is full-spectrum CBD. Apply some amount of the Absolute Nature CBD salve to the affected body area to get a good night’s rest or return to your activity.

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of buyers find this product good for Pain Relief
Francisco Bacchus

now why they gotta sell it so darn expensive. There I was looking for an Absolute Nature salve that can actually do what it says it can and I end up with a $70 topical . If it weren't for my moms constant arthritis pain I wouldn't have bought the thing.

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Stoked about this salve

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500mg for a salve is exactly the amount everyone needs. Maybe a little more when the pain is too much but this one does the job just fine for me. A little application after warm pressing the infected area and I am good to go. Can't tell you how many times this salve's saved me from swelling after a fall.

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This that pure hemp, non-GMO CBD salve and best believe everyone should get it.

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