Grand Daddy Purple Seeds for sale
Grand Daddy Purple Seeds for sale
Grand Daddy Purple Seeds for sale
Grand Daddy Purple Seeds for sale

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0.01%

THC: 13%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 40g - 400g

Climate: Mediterranean

Effects: Сalm, Relax

Flavors: Sweet, Grape, Fruity, Berry

Genetics: Hindu Kush x Original Granddaddy Purple

Plant size: 50 - 100 cm

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Harvest period: October

Flowering period: 9-10 Weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower: Genetics and Consumption Experience

The Grand Daddy Purple strain seeds are your ideal choice if you need indica-dominant weed. It contains 13% THC and 0.01% CBD. It's a genetic mix of Hindu Kush and Original Granddaddy Purple that preserves these popular strains' soothing effects. What's more, it offers a delicious fruity flavor mixing the shades of grapes and berries.

Ease of Growing and Yield

Growers love the Grand Daddy Purple seeds for the relative ease of growing and 9-10 weeks required for the plants to flower. The seeds are auto-flower, meaning that they won't demand too much grower effort, and the harvest you may expect from one plant ranges from 40g to 400g (not bad for an auto-flower plant). Grand Daddy Purple seeds for sale grow best in the Mediterranean climate.

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my first time growing these was abysmal. But I've learned a few tricks and can now get a bunch of healthy flower in about 10 weeks. I can get my hands on good weed whether I plant indoors or outdoors. Lovely strain overall

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OKAY so the growing process itself is nice and easy but the strain is weak in its effects. The yield also wasnt good for me so I can't say im in love with Grand Daddy Purple seeds. Will be looking for something else entirely

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Bernard Harris

Recommded for first-time growers who don’t have a huge grow space and nutrients to add to the soil. It's easy to maintain and produces a good yield.

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Marge Jefferson

In agreement with Bernard. This is a great plant to grow for those who want to harvest their own cannabis. Doesn't need a lot of care or nutrients to thrive as long as you have a warm climate around you.

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Zachary Weaver

I ordered the Grand Daddy Purple autoflowering seeds from Crop King Seeds and ended up with nice and healthy plants that gave me a decent yield.

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Valerie C.

They're easy to grow but the flowering period is longer than usual. At least the effects are nice and relaxing.

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Jackie Hicks

Couldn't get a decent yield at all. Very moody plant even when planted in an ideal grow space.

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