List of the Most Popular Blue Cheese Tasting Cannabis Strains

Generally, Blue Cheese smelling weed strains are Indica-dominant. They are used for stress relief and relaxation. The sharp and musky smell that reminds of Gorgonzola cheese is the hallmark of the entire strain.

The most popular strain which is called the Blue Cheese was created by crossing Blueberry male plants with U.K. Cheese females. The sweet combination of wild berries and blue cheese led to a creamy, though, intense odor. 

The blue cheese flavor strains are usually used in the second part of the day. Preferably, right before bedtime. The mix of chemicals found in such weed is known to boost relaxation, ease anxiety, and enhance sleep. Being Indica-dominant, blue cheese tasting strains can also help to meltdown stress and provide relief for tics, muscle spasms, pain, and stiffness. Those smokers that are into yoga, meditation, or any other kind of spiritual practices, will find blue cheese cannabis elevating their practice to a whole new level.

Though relaxing, such strains won’t lead to fatigue and sleepiness immediately. They will provide a user with a joyful and sensitive high at first. According to the users’ reviews, blue cheese strains stimulate creativity and increase sexual drive as well.

For you, we also have collected the listings of blueberry and tea tasting strains. 

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