List of the Most Popular Coffee Tasting Cannabis Strains

There are more than 200 terpenes in cannabis. They appear in different concentrations in each strain of the plant, producing different tastes. Myrcene is one of the primary terpenes. It creates a mushy and herbal aroma. Another common terpene, caryophyllene, creates spicy, peppery flavors. These two terpenes can produce a coffee-like smell when combined. With a handful of other secondary terpenes, these two result in buds that smell of coffee and chocolate.

Coffee-smelling weed strains include both Indica and Sativa-dominant hybrids. Check Chocolate Thai and Chocolope for a fragrance that includes chocolate notes and produces an uplifting effect. The former also includes a tint of lemon, while the latter has pine undertones.

For deep relaxation, look for coffee-flavored strains like Chocolate Kush and Chocolate Hashberry. Another one is Bubba Kush, this one doesn’t smell like chocolate at all, combining earthy coffee flavor with a citrus undertone.

If you like coffee-tasting strains of cannabis and want to explore similar ones, take a look at strains that have a floral fragrance that reminds of grape flavor. These strains typically have some of the terpenes that coffee-flavored ones have. For a different experience, consider strains that smell of honey.

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