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Double Dream
Strain effect image Creative, Energetic, Aroused
Strain taste image Berry, Blueberry, Citrus

Double Dream Strain: A Highly Potent Cannabis Strain.


Double Dream is a strain that is known for its intense cerebral high.  Its effects can be felt even by the most experienced users. It will leave you feeling relaxed and sedated, and can also help boost creativity.

Double Dream is also known for its sweet and harsh flavor with notes of mountain berries. It is a strain that is becoming increasingly popular among users. This review of the Double Dream Strain will reveal to you why it is so.

What is the THC/CBD Ratio?

Double Dream has a high THC level which is responsible for its powerful cerebral high. The THC ranges between 22% and 26%.  The CDB content level is 0.1% which is quite low but its medical benefits can be felt.

Double Dream is 90% Sativa and 10% Indica hybrid. Its actual effects are focused around relaxation and soothing calm, but the real high itself is an extremely exciting experience.  Its effects kick in so fast and you will start feeling it immediately after you smoke.

The History of Double Dream Weed Strain

How was it developed?

It is imperative for you to know the source of your favorite Kush. Unfortunately, the origins of the Double Dream weed is unknown.  But what we know is that it is a popular weed among users.

Double Dream Lineage

Double Dream is a two-way cross between Blue Dream and Dream Star which is a Sativa hybrid cross of the Blue Dream and Stardawg.

What are the Effects of Double Dream Weed?

Double Dream weed strain is a strong Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a potent head rush.  It is, therefore not recommended for cannabis newbies.

The strain acts rather fast and rapidly fills the mind with a buzzing high that will uplift your mood and leaves you feeling happy and euphoric. Despite its inferior Indica features, it offers you with a mellow feeling that leaves you totally relaxed.

When taken in small amounts, the cerebral high settles into a soothing buzz allowing you a clearer focus. However, once you go beyond your tolerance level, you will find yourself in a dreamland where you only stay locked to your couch enjoying the waves of the euphoria in your mind.

Double Dream is also considered as a happy strain. This makes it ideal for use in social gatherings and parties.

What are the Medical Applications?

Double Dream Marijuana is more popular for its recreational use rather than its medical use. But, it does have some medical benefits.

It can be used in managing stress and other mental health conditions like depression. Being a Sativa-dominant strain, Double Dream’s powerful cerebral high will offer some relief.

The strain also has anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in offering the user relief from chronic aches and pain.  Equally useful is the fact that it offers you with deep relaxation. Once the effects start to wane, the user is left feeling tired and sleepy. This is quite helpful especially to those experiencing troubled sleep, it can be a good bedtime companion.

What are the Side Effects of Double Dream Cannabis?

As is common to most cannabis strain, you can expect a dry mouth. This is typical to all strains and thus you don’t have to worry about it, but be warned that it is not ideal for rookies as already mentioned. This is because it can lead to adverse reactions.

In some users, the pot may prove troublesome. Instead of making you feel happy and relaxed, it can lead to an elevated level of anxiousness with some experiencing paranoia. Therefore, it is advised that you take it in moderation and be sure that you are familiar with how your body reacts to marijuana.

Sometimes, the onset of the cerebral high might come as a shock after a few minutes of smoking. It can cause you to feel dizzy in some instances. As a precaution, you must avoid driving when smoking weed.

Positive EffectsMedical EffectsNegative Effects
Relaxed8/10Stress7/10Dry Mouth5/10
Happy7/10Depression6/10Dry Eyes5/10


What are the Reasons to Choose Double Dream Marijuana?


Double Dream cannabis has a dense bud structure that shows off its Indica genetics. Its leaves are soft and fluffy exhibiting its Sativa genes. The flowers are light to vibrant green in color and the pistils are covered in orange hairs.

Smell and Aroma

When cured properly, Double Dream will emit a tangy blueberry scent. There is also an undercut spiciness that tops the fruity scent.  The spiciness doesn’t match any particular spice but rather smells like a blend of several spices.


You will notice the flavor within your first puff. The smoke has some harshness that makes it taste like a conventional hash than anything else. After a few minutes, the taste develops to distinctive notes of spice and herbs with an undercut taste of sweet berries.


The Double Dream marijuana strain features silvery coated trichomes that cover the buds making them quite sticky. This makes them hard to crash without using a grinder.


Double Dream offers you a high cerebral which is perfect if you want to focus. On the other hand, it will leave you relaxed allowing you to fall into a deep sleep. It is ideal for both day and evening use.

Who is it more Suitable for?

Double Dream cannabis can be used in various occasions:

  • If you want a strain that will boost your creativity, then Double Dream will do that thanks to its high THC content.
  • Patients expressing mental health conditions like depression can also greatly benefit from it.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that will help with any pain and aches.
  • Individuals experiencing troubled sleep can also rely on this strain as it leads to a deep state of relaxation when the high starts kicking out.

What are Growers Saying About Double Dream?

Double Dream cannabis strain is popular among users which makes its demand high. This inspires the growers to produce it in large amounts. It also has an exceptionally short flowering period of 8 weeks and has a moderately high yield. Most growers are happy to produce this strain.

How to Grow

Finding Double Dream seeds is somewhat hard as they are rare mostly because it has a uniquely fascinating breeding history.  If you are interested in growing this strain, you will want to find clones clipped from mature plants.

The plant thrives well in a Mediterranean climate and the yield is moderately high. Growing it is not also difficult, but you will need to regularly carry out maintenance including trimming, topping, and supporting branches that grow heavy.

This strain thrives both indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, the plant will flower within 7 to 8 weeks and the yield is around 26 ounces per square meter.

When grown outdoors, the flowers will be ready for harvest in September. The expected yield is about 30 ounces per plant.

How does the Flavor of a Strain affect the Taste of Edibles?

Normally, most cannabis products come in the form of cartridges, oil concentrates, and wax. Finding cannabis edibles is rare but there are some shops that offer them. Usually, the taste of the edibles will have the flavor of the particular strain that was used.

Similar Strains

Final Verdict

Double Dream cannabis offers you with a perfect balance of soothing bodily effects that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Its genetics make it a tasty and relaxing strain that offers a functional high. It is also a great pot to share with your friends.

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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
21.0 - 24.0%
CBD question mark
0.13 - 0.9%
CBC question mark
0.49 - 1.25%
CBG question mark
0.41 - 1.74%
CBN question mark
0.08 - 0.23%
THCV question mark
0.27 - 1.06%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
56 - 63 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
67 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
1 - 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews

    Tara Milligan

    Certainly a favorite I find it great for daytime creative I do art


    Double dream is my favorite bed time companion. I always have trouble sleeping and I hate taking sleeping pills. Puffing this joint is the answer to my sleep problems…my favorite strain undeniably.


    This weed is the best blend for a party. On my 20th birthday, I got some and the party was fun till everyone was exhausted. I personally call it my party sustainer because it keeps the party vibe alive.


    Ideal daytime strain that helps to manage my waist pain. I can move around the house and even go out to organize some stuffs successfully. It numbs the pain and leaves me happy and grateful.


    Due to high level of sativa, it is shown to have relaxing effects on the brain. It lifts depression and makes me happy. It helps me to relax to release all negative thoughts that may lead to depression.


    Thanks to double dream, I can sleep like a person without any worries.


    it is a sure pain relief weed, without a doubt. It eased my body pain in no time.


    a very relaxing product that clears the mind.


    This product did amazing things for my migraines.


    I vape this marijuana and felt lighter and happy


    I like this weed because of the time of action.


    too potent shit for me


    dope kush…


    makes my sleep more invigorating


    An uplifting kind of high


    Grows great easy to maintain I’m at flower week 7 so we will see


    Too strong for me


    I love the feeling it gives me whenever I puff it. it is a feeling I can definitely get used to.

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