List of the Most Popular Blueberry Tasting Cannabis Strains

Created back in 1970, blueberry flavor strains rose to prominence immediately and became one of the most popular types of cannabis globally. The original Blueberry emerged as a gentle combination of Afghani, Sativa Thai, and Purple Thai. The reason for a blueberry taste to appear is rooted in terpenes that are present in both blueberry plants, and blueberry smelling weed strains. Being Indica-dominant, strains usually contain at least 20% of Sativa with an average THC level ranging from 16% up to 24%.

The pleasant and sweet taste of fresh blueberries combined with enhanced relaxation produces a long-lasting euphoria. Such an experience is caused by the high THC level and a wide range of terpenes presented. Pain-relief and stress reduction are also among the core benefits of blueberry-smelling weed. Some users recommend using blueberry tasting strains for cooking edibles. From pancakes with blueberries to muffins to cakes, the choice is up to you. The sweet pleasant aroma of wild berries and a potent high will follow.

Blueberry Сookies (THC 16%), Blueberry Kush (THC 18%), Blueberry OG (THC 18%), and Super Blue Dream (THC 18%) are the most popular types of blueberry cannabis. For you, we have also collected the listings of cheese and flowery tasting strains.

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