List of the Most Popular Valencene-dominant Cannabis Strain

Thanks to the wide range of the different terpenes and decades of crossing, there are plenty of flavors and subtle fragrances one can find in cannabis. One of the rarest terpenes that doesn’t appear in weed often is valencene. It received its name from the sweet oranges of Valencia as it is abundant in them. The terpene also appears in other fruit like tangerines but in smaller quantities.

The combo of smell and taste that valencene gives to the bud is just what you may expect from a terpene named after Valencia oranges. It produces a sweet, citrus flavor that is more alike to oranges and grapefruits, than lemons. That is why, despite not being that common in nature, terpene is often used in perfumery. It also tends to irritate insects, so it’s widely used in bug repellents.

However, scaring mosquitoes away is not the primary reason for consuming cannabis, so other properties of cannabis strains with valencene are more relevant. High valencene strains of marijuana have an anti-inflammatory effect. They also help to treat respiration diseases, relieve alertness, and boost cognitive function. Coincidentally, many of the popular valencene terpene weed strains are Sativas or THC-rich hybrids.

Agent Orange and Tangie are the best strains to taste the sweet orange flavor this terpene produces. Clementine and Jillybean are good picks too. If you did like Tangie, you may look into strains that contain alpha-pinene as well. Just like Tangie, they have a lot of pine flavor as well. Those who are tired of sweet weed smells can explore strains rich in borneol as it adds earthy, herbal flavors to the bud.

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