List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a widespread disease of the optic nerve. From partial vision loss to complete blindness, its results can’t be underestimated. The high eye pressure and constant stress are to blame. Thankfully, there are specific weed strains for glaucoma that help to partly ease the symptoms.

The deal, marijuana has a unique ability to lower eye pressure and soothe pain. It also boosts relaxation and reduces stress.

The best time to use glaucoma strains to ease the symptoms is the nighttime as smoking might affect your concentration abilities and prevent you from completing daily routine tasks. The best strains for glaucoma treatment are the Green Crack, Blue Dream, and Buba Kush. No matter whether you are a Sativa lover or an Indica fan, we’ve got many options to choose from.

For you to make it easier we have collected the most popular glaucoma strains. Besides, we also have a listing of strains for ADHD and anxiety.

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