List of the Most Popular Honey Tasting Cannabis Strains

Terpenes, the natural chemical compounds found in plants, determine the smell and taste of a particular strain. Yet, the smell and taste can’t be narrowed to genetics only. There are other factors affecting cannabis aroma and flavor. The growing process, curing, and storage are on the list. Honey-smelling weed strains require both nature and nurture to reveal the full potency of the sweet fragrance.

This sweetness comes partly from a collection of terpenes like myrcene and caryophyllene, and partly from thick, moist buds. Some of the most popular honey-tasting strains include Honey Bananas, Honey Bud, and Honey Comb. These hybrids combine cerebral high with relaxation while adding mossy and herbal undertones to the fragrance.

To try pure honey-flavored strains of Sativa, look for Panama Red or Green Crack. The latter is very potent, with up to 30% THC content, and has the classic skunky smell associated with weed. On the other side, there are Indica honey-flavored strains like BC Sweet Tooth and Cream Caramel that offer a pungent smell and a feeling of deep relaxation. These two are also very suitable for edibles.

Looking to taste another sweet type of bud? Consider grape flavored weed strains that offer sweet fruity aroma. We also have some mint-tasting strains for you to experience.

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