List of the Best Limonene Strains

When we have an intention to become aware of cannabis, we look for its composition that influences our feelings and health. Different compounds play a significant role in the smoking experience. Some people try to differentiate weed by potency, others by taste. However, one of the major marijuana components is terpene. 

Terpenes facilitate cannabis, giving it special features that deliver different sensations and flavors. There are many scientific studies of terpenes, especially in medical applications. These natural compounds are found not only in weeds but also in plenty of plants and fruits. For instance, while smelling a lemon, we notice this refreshing sour aroma, which is created by limonene. Nevertheless, limonene occurs not only in lemons. It is also present in mint, rosemary, weed, etc.

Limonene Flavor and Effects Overview

High limonene strains have a prominent citrus taste that resembles the tangy flavor of lemon that connoisseurs esteem. This marijuana immediately gives a strong sensation of energetic burn that is followed by sweet and sour fragrances. Those who love fresh aroma and taste choose this cannabis to provoke a good mood and euphoric state.

The limonene weed strains with a high THC/CBD ratio are known to produce a quick high and instant mood uplift. Depending on lineage, these strains can be both Sativa and Indica-leaning, which causes either energy boost or sedated feeling. 

Jack Frost is one of the most popular examples of weed strains high in limonene. The tested amount of THC shows around 24%, so that this kush is not for the faint-hearted. Limonene in this Sativa-dominant marijuana prevails, as well as pinene and myrcene that only enhance lemony flavor. Limonene gives Lemon Punch marijuana lemon flavor that is underlined by citrusy hints. Terpinolene produces more fruity shades, while pinene adds the grapy aftertaste, and then myrcene adds even more citrus notes.

Therapeutic Application of Limonene Terpene Strains

Medically speaking, strains with limonene are useful to those struggling with physical and mental disorders. This well-studied terpene reveals to have potent antibacterial and antimicrobial effects that enhance the immune system. Moreover, this cannabinoid can fight cancer cells as well as relieve pain. Additionally, limonene is often used to combat symptoms of depression and anxiety through interaction with serotonin in the brain. It also has been used to moderate eating disorders such as nausea or appetite loss. 

Most Popular Limonene Dominant Strains

Many cannabis lovers prefer limonene terpene strains for their fragrance and variability on the market. Indeed, we can find a long list of strains that have either dominant or moderate limonene hints. There are some prominent cannabis strains with average potency that can be used by consumers of a different experience. Gorilla Kush is a hybrid strain that includes 0.26% of limonene and has around 18% of THC content. The relaxed and euphoric state offered by this weed is mixed with mouthly delight given by citrusy and buttery taste. The Indica-dominant Zkittlez Cake strain with approximately 23% of THC and 0.15% of limonene delivers a mouthwatering taste of citruses and berries. 

Below, we have collected the most popular strains with limonene. If you are exploring wider options, we also have listings of strains with “myrcene” and “pinene.”

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