List of the Most Popular Citrus Tasting Cannabis Strains

Citrusy flavors became a popular choice among connoisseurs since Super Lemon Haze won the Cannabis Cup in 2008. Under the meaning of the word “citrusy” people usually describe scents of limes, oranges, grapefruits, and lemon. All these flavors are available, only due to terpene, which is known as Limonene. This terpene doesn’t only produce a great odor but also provides insect protection and curative effects for consumers.

The variety of strains, which include Limonene is just incredible. There are hundreds of strains, with the THC level ranging between pretty small 13%-15% and up to 25%+ indexes. That is why it is not an easy task to define the average level. However, there is no doubt, that everyone, novice, and seasoned smokers will find a citrusy strain that suits them best.

Mainly, this terpene is widely known for its uplifting-mood effects. At the same time, weed strains, which contain Limonene, will be perfect for those, who suffer conditions like anxiety and depression. Moreover, it can even help with inflammations and possibly, strengthen one’s immune system.

If looking for strains with a high content of Limonene, then our team is at your service. For example, we can start from the previously mentioned Super Lemon Haze, which is a famous Sativa-dominant hybrid. Also, there is a hybrid Lemon Skunk strain, which also possesses fame, pleasant citrusy flavor, and astonishing effects. Last, but not least, is a Sativa strain Clementine, which is also a sensible choice for those who want to enjoy full and pungent lemon flavors.

We also have listings of woody and lime flavored cannabis.

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