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Strain effect image Sedated, Giggly, Creative
Strain taste image Citrus, Diesel, Earthy

All About Somari Weed Strain


Somari strain is the type of weed you wouldn’t smoke in a social setting. It makes you happy and slightly euphoric at the beginning, but the Indica-dominant effects soon settle you down. You will feel a deep calm and pleasant sleepiness, which makes Somari perfect for beginning use.

This is the perfect strain to fight insomnia, stress, and mood disorders. It’s rich in terpenes, and it tastes sweet. Beginners shouldn’t get carried away by the sweet taste, since Somari weed has over 18% of THC in its composition. With overconsumption, it may trigger paranoia. It’s the type of weed that a seasoned user would prefer for solitary evenings.

What is the history of Somari?

2013, Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (the Oscars of weed). Soma’s Sacred Seeds wins the 1st place in the hybrid category with the SomaRi hybrid. The company was already famous after winning prizes from 1999 to 2004 every year. They combined their NYC Diesel, their Buddha’s Sister (both award-winning strains) with the popular Kushadelic. The result was a bud with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, with a potent THC level of 18% above the average, but a low CBD level. Ever since then, this powerhouse of THC remained rare and elusive, is pretty hard to find.


The best part of this hybrid is the high (isn’t it always?). The feeling you get after smoking the weed is exactly what I’m looking for as an experienced smoker. The high creeps on you pretty fast. At first, you’ll feel a cerebral rush. Everything comes alive in your mind: happiness and focus in particular. You’ll become active and even talkative if you’re not alone. After the initial rush, your focus will slowly fade away. The Somari high is long-lasting and lazy. The high percentage of THC will make you feel like you become one with the couch. After that, you’ll be inclined towards reflection and introspection. Some users report vivid psychedelic experiences, even visions.

Is it good for medical use?

In terms of medical effects, for experienced users, it is a great stress and pain reliever. Somari is good for chronic pain, appetite loss, and inflammation. In the middle of the high, you’ll feel like there’s no worry in the entire world. When I was experimenting with the full effect of the weed, I honestly felt like I was floating.

What are the negative effects?

I would not recommend this particular strain to inexperienced users. The high THC content and the psychedelic tendencies of Somari strain makes it less suitable for inexperienced users. Casual smokers might experiment side effects like anxiety when trying this hybrid. The problem with really strong cannabis is that the sensation it offers might be overwhelming for people who are not used to the high. And once you’re overwhelmed it’s very easy for anxiety to creep in. So, the safe bet is to smoke Somari when you’re familiar with weed.

What are the reasons for choosing this kush?

To be honest, at first, I tried this strain because I’ve heard so much about it. It’s pedigree alone made me buy an ounce. But for me, someone who smokes daily for some years now, it’s the best possible choice. First and foremost, the THC level makes it suitable for regular smokers. Having 20% more THC than the average weed strain makes it a sure bet for everyone looking to get high. Another attractive part of the Somari is the high. I’m always looking for introspection when smoking, and this bud seriously delivered that.

What is the aspect of the bud?

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, looking at a Somari bud will tell you what is going on with its lineage. It looks a lot like one of its parents: Buddha’s Sister. The deep green and the red hairs make the rock-hard nuggets look gorgeous. The trichomes create a beautiful contrast with the green of the plant.

How are the Taste & the Flavor?

If Somari pot looks like Buddha’s Sister, it tastes and smells like the New York Diesel and gets you high like the Kushadelic. The dominant smell is that of citrus with a dash of diesel. After you lit the joint on fire, a strong scent of grapefruit will fill the room. The taste is the same: grapefruit. The whole smoking experience is consistent in taste and flavor, making it highly enjoyable.

What are the overall qualities?

There’s a lot of praise to be given to Soma Seeds. They made a bud with amazing taste and flavor, packed with a strong high. All the qualities of this hybrid blend, creating a symphony of high. It’s a pleasure to smoke the Somari and to enjoy its effects. I would choose this particular strain for late evening smoking sessions because the length of the high is around 3 hours.

Who is it suited for?

I’ll say this again because it’s important. This bud is suited for experienced smokers who are used to getting high. Even for medicinal purposes, I would not recommend Somari to inexperienced smokers. The potency of the high might be too much to handle for some people. If you’re looking for a strong high, sedative effects and psychedelic tendencies, this hybrid should be your choice.

What do the growers think?

Growers get excited about Somari, because of the many branches it grows. This mildew-resistant hybrid flowers in 10 weeks. The minimum yield is around 40 grams. Every grower will be more than pleased to cultivate this award-winning strain, describing the plants as wonderful: oil, smell, flower and with a milky texture of the leaves.

How popular is it?

If you’re an experienced smoker, the Somari marijuana might sound perfect! There’s only one catch: this Indica and Sativa hybrid is pretty rare and elusive, so if you get the chance to buy it, don’t hesitate.

What are some good alternatives?

If you want to try something similar to Somari marijuana, you should check out it’s “parents”. New York City Diesel shares its smell, Buddha’s Sister shares its aspect and Kushadelic shares its amazing high. NYCD and B’s S were created by the same Soma Sacred Seed Company, both winning multiple prizes.

Because it’s a rare gem, I couldn’t find edibles anywhere to buy. The grapefruit smell and taste of the bud must make for a great option when cooking brownies. Reviews of the Somari wax say it’s out of this world. The taste of diesel is more pregnant here.


If you’re passionate about kush, you might have found your new favorite hybrid. The Somari strain THC level is 18% above average, so an amazing high is guaranteed. This one is a good weed for medicinal use if you’re familiar with the effects of cannabinoids. The buds look beautiful when growing and once they’re dried, they are rock solid. The taste and the flavor are citrusy, with a few notes of diesel. Growers are always excited to get their hands on Somari cannabis seeds because it is a beautiful plant to grow. Although it is hard to find seeds and buds, reviewers speak highly of it.


What is Somari strain genetics?

Somari is an Indica dominant hybrid that was created by crossing NYC Diesel and Buddha’s Sister and Kushadelic strains. Also referred to as SomaRi, it has an Indica/Sativa ratio of 70% and 30%.

Sedated Icon
89% Voted
Giggly Icon
88% Voted
Creative Icon
90% Voted
Citrus Icon
88% Voted
Diesel Icon
88% Voted
Earthy Icon
88% Voted
Side Effects
Dizzy Icon
87% Voted
Panic attacks Icon
93% Voted
Panic attacks
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88% Voted

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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
16.0 - 19.0%
CBD question mark
0.74 - 1.23%
CBC question mark
0.39 - 1.0%
CBG question mark
0.43 - 2.12%
CBN question mark
0.09 - 0.21%
THCV question mark
0.29 - 1.49%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
49 - 57 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
64 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
2 - 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews


    I tried sour apple and I saw that it had less Thc content which means less high which is not what I want anyways. I disagree with Gabby on the highness it provides. The high is powerful and if you are not used to heavy strain, start with little quantities and gradually increase it. this kush brings out the best in me.


    I always look for introspection when smoking weed but the feeling I get from vaping this product is SUPERB. The parentage also speaks volume for its potency . The icing on the cake is the grape taste and aroma the parentage and the high, taste and flavor grapefruit


    Highly potent, made me feel no more worries, The deep green and the red hairs make the rock-hard nuggets look gorgeous. The trichomes create a beautiful contrast with the green of the plant. The plant is beautiful on the outside as well as delivering beautiful feelings.


    Stress is one terrible thing we have to live with as per norm. getting stressed sometimes increases my blood pressure. Sitting with this pot removes all my stress and makes me feel revitalized


    One of the reasons why this is my top choice is due to the long-lasting high that keeps you relaxed. At first, I felt a rush of energy accompanied with happiness. Hell I was even giggling. Slowly but assuredly, the calmness and restive mood creep in.

    Allister Black

    I would be honest, it is hard to find a product that makes me feel like this ever. I feel so amazing and beautiful. Oh, a bird just flew past and it looked beautiful.


    Definitely not the best option for social gatherings. I always get couch locked after about 20 mins.


    The best part is the high,. Of course the high is always the drive when smoking.


    High is too intense


    Grape aroma is divine!


    what do you say to the god of stress? Not today. Oh yes, not today, not any other day because you have a way of overcoming it


    Works great to settle the stomach upset and increases appetite. My appetite experienced a drastic turn over.


    Mood swings are common, more in some than in others. Taking only a few puffs elevates my mood and gets me feeling like I can achieve anything


    cracked buds are like sweet fragrance to the soul


    Don’t be fooled by the initial high and activeness. In a few minutes you will be calm and relaxed asf. It is very efficient in winning the battle against insomnia.


    Long lasting high, cool!


    I have benefited a lot, so I highly recommend this marijuana to every smoker out there. It helps me get a good nights sleep. It makes me feel calm and chilled out.


    Every evening a joint of this kush is all I need to relax and relieve my stress. It not only calms my mind but also ensures a great sleep, I am content with the flavour of this mary jane.


    It gets me high soon; I am pleased with the THC content.


    Though it makes me feel dizzy for some time, it is helping me cure my depression

    Jerry Berry

    This dope became my number one choice after I tried it and it solved my insomnia soon.

    Garry Michaelson

    One fastest strains to get me high

    Francesco Bennett

    This kush is fire, especially if youre going to hit a blunt of it at night just before you sleep. I hit this once and after a brief period of super-alertness I felt a bit drowsy which was great because I was trying hard to get some sleep that night

    Manuel Bates

    A pair of PJs a tub of ice cream and a blunt of this kush = bliss

    Mike Edwards

    Smoked this during my break at work thinking it was another strain, I got really active for a while but then the real effects came. I just wanted to chill somewhere cozy, luckily I pushed through work and did just that when I got home

    Grant Smith

    I like smoking this with someone I can cuddle with, best weed to keep you chilled


    Whenever I get a day off, I always hit a bit of this keeps me relaxed for hours


    Keeps me super focused for a while

    Paul Bravo

    After hitting two blunts of this I thought I was going up some stairs for a bit

    Jessica Morales

    Personally, my best way to start the weekend is with a blunt of this, kicks in fast, lasts long

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