List of the Most Popular Vanilla Tasting Cannabis Strains

Vanilla smelling weed strains are more relaxing. They can be called commonplace and classic, but they do their job well. This is why users love them. These strains are dominated by two terpenes – Myrcene and Caryophyllene, which give cannabis a whole mix of aromas. We have prepared two of the most popular buds.

Vanilla Gorilla is a very rare and very mystical strain. Information about its origin is unknown, but this kush attracts smokers with its taste and type of high. The product is consumed in the form of smoking, and the smell permeates pleasantly everywhere. It is a sweet vanilla aroma blended with fruit. The average THC level is 26%, which makes this marijuana really strong. The high overtakes you immediately and defocuses, leaving you in a relaxed state, although sociability increases, and you can chat for hours. High potency makes this strain able to fight depression, anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, and chronic pain.

Gelato Cake is a hybrid strain dominated by Indica. He became famous precisely because of his taste. Smokers claim that such a sweet and creamy vanilla aroma with hints of pine is hard to forget. The high begins with a feeling of euphoria. After that, creativity and focus increase, the outlook on things becomes more positive. In the end, however, you will feel how relaxed your body is and you can easily fall asleep. These effects, combined with a high THC level of 22-25%, makes this Vanilla smelling weed strain ideal for treating chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, and chronic stress. It is also common for consumers to use this cannabis for simple evening relaxation.

We have also prepared listings of ammonia and pungent strains for you.

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