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The website unites an ever-expanding industry of cultivators and manufacturers in one, central location

1.27.2021, NEW YORK, NY — AskGrowers, the legal cannabis product and marketing website, provides readers with regional grower and manufacturer profiles, top brands and products (everything from flowers to cookies), where to buy them, and informative customer reviews. Each year, thousands of cannabis licenses are handed out in the United States, resulting in a fragmented market with many different local craft brands. AskGrowers keeps readers educated and informed about all available brands in their region and enables manufacturers to speak directly to consumers and tell their stories.

“We created AskGrowers to bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and enthusiasts across the country,” says Igor Dunaevsky, Managing Partner, AskGrowers. “People care about the story behind a cannabis brand and what makes them passionate about growing or manufacturing it. We see an opportunity online to educate consumers on this fast-growing industry.”

“Cannabis comes in many shapes and forms. AskGrowers allows brands to showcase themselves to the cannabis community,” says Irene Stepanenko, AskGrowers, CEO. “Our goal is to familiarize our readers with top products, help them find the brands that fit their needs and provide timely information about the craft culture of cannabis.”

AskGrowers extends far beyond simply providing helpful information to beginners and blossoming consumers and growers. It collects, analyzes, and processes big data in every state with medical and recreational programs. The website conducts its own research and creates a dialogue, unifying and connecting cannabis professionals and enthusiasts. By connecting information otherwise siloed, visitors are offered a larger picture of the market and trends.

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About AskGrowers is an online cannabis marketing platform specializing in the gathering and providing of detailed brand and product information from legal cannabis businesses across the United States. Operating entirely online, AskGrowers offers in-depth product reviews and brand profiles designed to keep consumers well-informed and confident of their online cannabis purchases. Founded in New York in 2019, AskGrowers operates offices in New York and Kyiv, Ukraine, and focuses on states with either legal, recreational or medical programs.

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