AskGrowers Launches Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry

Lana Braslavska
Lana Braslavska

A key author at AskGrowers, Lana Braslavska, specializes in presenting the latest news and trends within the cannabis industry. Her articles often highlight influential personalities and delve into their impact on the cannabis world. Her writing not only keeps readers informed about current events and key figures in the cannabis space but also provides a deeper understanding of the industry's relationship with public perception and media representation. Lana's expertise makes her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking education on the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry.



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Educational content focuses on the high use of energy and wasteful packaging for marijuana and what the industry and consumers can do to make it better

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/AskGrowers, a website that educates consumers and provides an in-depth introduction to cannabis for newcomers and experienced connoisseurs alike, has launched a new vertical on its website Sustainability in the Cannabis Industrywith information on the environmental impact that brands, growers and consumers have on the planet.

In-depth information on cannabis has been crucial in the last several years. Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry provides education on the following:

  • What is sustainability in the cannabis industry?
  • Why do you need sustainability?
  • What do growers think about sustainability?
  • How else can the sustainability of the cannabis industry be improved?

AskGrowers has interviewed over 140 organizations for its website, from brands and growers to dispensaries and labs. You'll hear directly from people in the industry like Isaac Ekholm and Melissa Beseda of Wildwood Flower Farm, Imelda Walavalkar of Pure Beauty, Matthew Frigone of Lazy Bee Garden on the issues and actions we can take to make the cannabis industry more environmentally responsible.

The industry is still not legal on the federal level and has yet to develop universally adopted standards in the cultivation, production and sale of cannabis. Sustainability is an important consideration both on the consumer end and how manufacturers run their cannabis businesses. Even at the height of the pandemic, when jobs were scarce and money tight, sustainability concerns rose across the country, with 78% of buyers saying they factor sustainability into their buying decisions.

AskGrowers sees several possible ways to improve sustainability in the cannabis industry:

  1. Certification of brands that meet the standards of the cannabis business.
  2. Develop policy and regulations that encourage cannabis operators to meet sustainability standards through tax discounts or other preferential advantages.
  3. Raising awareness for people and businesses within the industry through public opinion.
  4. Encouraging cannabis growers, retailers and consumers alike to consider quality and sustainability in cannabis production, in the same manner, they consider such attributes in food and other commonly consumed products.
  5. Continuing to offer and expand on programs that ensure legal cannabis is not wasted or relegated to the black market.

"Sustainability, though not easy, is not impossible in the cannabis industry. It ultimately hinges on the decisions of brands, growers and consumers," says Igor Dunaevsky, Managing Partner, AskGrowers. "Education will be a key piece to it."

"Everyone involved in the cannabis industry, including state governments, users, dispensaries and producers need to work together to preserve the environment while enjoying the benefits of cannabis," says Irene Stepanenko, AskGrowers, CEO.

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