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The month honors and celebrates the many contributions Americans tracing their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South American, and the Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean have made to American society and culture.

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- AskGrowers, a website that educates consumers and provides an in-depth introduction to cannabis for newcomers and experienced connoisseurs alike, has interviewed Hispanic leaders in the cannabis industry in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.The Hispanic community is underrepresented in the legal U.S. cannabis industry and has suffered from cannabis prohibition and police action. AskGrowers celebrates and aims to raise awareness around the Hispanic community participation and leadership in the legal cannabis industry.

Hispanic Heritage Month in the Cannabis Industry offers interviews with the following:

  • Video interviews with Dr. Chanda Macias, MBA, Ph.D. and Dr. Joseph Rosado, pioneers in medicinal cannabis. For over 15 years, Dr. Macias has devoted her time, talents and expertise to advancing women and minorities' careers, while improving the quality of life for patients suffering from various ailments. Dr. Joseph Rosado was one of the first internal medicine doctors in Florida to start the trend of recommending medical cannabis as a natural alternative for patients.
  • Hispanic activists and entrepreneurs in marijuana strive for a more equitable future: An in depth article on how the Community has long been marginalized by prohibition, but recent reparations offer signs of hope.
  • The stories behind Hispanic-owned companies and brands. You'll hear directly from Herbas,, Lux Beauty Club, Flor de Maria, dreamt and MaryJae about cannabis strains and products, trends and the challenges of being a minority business owner.

"Cannabis has disproportionately impacted the Hispanic community. We want our readers to learn more about these amazing Hispanic-owned brands and companies and their stories," said Irene Stepanenko, AskGrowers, CEO. and Igor Dunaevsky, Managing Partner, AskGrowers.


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