Can You Share Cannabis With Your Friends

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Can You Share Cannabis With Your Friends

If you are a connoisseur of cannabis and like to share the good stuff with your friends, you may often get worried about whether it is actually legal to do so or not. After all, cannabis is still not legal in many states. Due to the tricky position the drug is in right now, it is wise to read up on all the laws and regulations your state has before you start sharing it around.

If you want to share marijuana with someone, you should first make sure that it is legal where you are. On a Federal level, using cannabis is illegal in the United States. You cannot own it, smoke it, or share it with anyone. It is classed as a Schedule 1 drug and its possession may lead to serious consequences. And even though the House recently passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana, there is still a long way to go until it actually happens, if at all.

With that said, the US also has strong state laws which determine what goes on inside each state. The good news is that multiple US states have made the consumption of recreational marijuana legal. People have been using recreational weed for years now, whether they want to make their movie experience better or just need to relax for a few hours. But does that mean you can share cannabis with others or just use it yourself? Well, each state has its own laws to determine that, so it is best to check them.

Is it Possible to Share Cannabis for Recreational Use?

In most states where recreational use is allowed, there is no problem if you want to share marijuana with someone as long as you stay within limits. The following list will talk about the limits of marijuana possession and also whether it is possible to share cannabis with others or not. Note that in each state, you have to be more than 21 years of age to buy cannabis.

Sharing Weed in Colorado

In Colorado, adults can possess a maximum of one ounce of marijuana. They can also share cannabis up to one ounce and even grow 6 plants of their own. The public use of marijuana, however, is illegal.

While you can possess up to one ounce of the drug for personal use, it is not allowed to give it to someone else. The state also allows people to keep up to 16 ounces of solid edible products, 72 ounces of liquids with marijuana, and 7 grams of concentrates. Public consumption is illegal.

  • Alaska – Legalized in 2014

You can buy and give away up to one ounce of marijuana in Alaska. It is also possible to grow up to six plants, but you can only have three mature plants at any time. Public consumption here is illegal too.

  • Oregon – Legalized in 2014

Owning and sharing up to one ounce of marijuana is legal in Oregon. You can possess up to 8 ounces at your home, though. People are also allowed to have 16 ounces of edibles and 72 ounces of liquids. You can also grow four plants for yourself. It is not allowed to consume cannabis in public.

  • Washington, DC – Legalized in 2014

In Washington, DC, adults can possess two ounces of marijuana. They can also share marijuana as long as it is up to one ounce. Six plants may be grown per person, with a maximum of three of them mature at a time.

You can possess one ounce of the drug and share it as well if you like. When it comes to concentrated cannabis, you may possess 8 grams at a time. Six plants can be grown per person, and public consumption is illegal.

  • Maine – Legalized in 2016

Maine residents are allowed to keep and share up to 2.5 ounces of the drug. They can also grow 6 mature and 12 immature plants. It is not allowed to smoke weed in public here either.

Adults can keep up to one ounce of marijuana with themselves in public and up to 10 ounces at home. They can also share one ounce of the drug with someone else. It is possible to grow 6 plants per person up to a maximum of 12 per household.

  • Nevada – Legalized in 2016

It is within the law to possess or share one ounce of the drug in this state. For concentrated products, that amount decreases to one-eighth of an ounce. You can grow 6 plants per person up to a maximum of 12 per household. Public consumption is not allowed.

Sharing Weed in Michigan

In Michigan, you cannot share cannabis with anyone even though you are allowed to keep 2.5 ounces of it with you. You may also possess concentrated products as long as they are up to 15 grams. Each household is allowed to grow up to 12 plants.

While it is legal to grow and use marijuana in this state, you cannot yet buy or sell it. However, if you have grown it yourself, then it is possible to give it away to another adult. You can keep one ounce of the drug with you and grow up to six plants, two of which may be mature.

  • Guam – Legalized in 2019

Up to one ounce of cannabis can be possessed by adults. They can share it with others as long as they have grown it themselves. Up to six plants can be grown, but only three of them can be mature.

You can give away your cannabis to a friend in Illinois. Adults are allowed to have 30 grams of the drug and 5 grams of its concentrates. Those who are not Illinois residents are allowed to possess half of these amounts while they are visiting. Public consumption of the drug is not allowed.

In New Jersey, you are allowed to have one ounce of marijuana, but the laws on sharing it are not clear just yet.

Adults can possess one ounce of marijuana in Montana but cannot share it. They are also allowed to grow up to four plants of their own.

The recently passed measure in South Dakota allows adults to possess and also share up to one ounce of cannabis.

Sharing Weed in Arizona

You can possess up to one ounce of the drug or 5 grams of concentrate in this state. However, it is not yet clear if you are allowed to share it with others or not.

  • New York – Legalized in 2021

Adults in New York are allowed to have up to three ounces of cannabis with themselves. They may also give away their weed to another adult if they like.

  • Virginia – Legalized in 2021

Owning and sharing up to one ounce of marijuana is within the law in Virginia. Residents are also allowed to grow up to four plants for themselves.

Is It Possible to Share Cannabis for Medical Use?

You cannot give away any marijuana purchased for medical use. The medical use of the drug is regulated by specialized programs in each state that determine who is eligible to use the drug for health reasons. Therefore, if you are registered as a medical marijuana user, you cannot just share cannabis meant for your health issues with anyone else.


With so many states changing their previously negative stance on the recreational use of the drug, it is important to be aware of all the laws within which you can legally consume weed. If you have some cannabis at your place and you are hanging out with a friend, it would be tempting to just share it with them. Before you do that, just remember to read up on your state’s law about sharing the drug. Always remember to smoke responsibly, and you will be just fine.

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