Do Dispensaries Track How Much You Buy?

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Do Dispensaries Track How Much You Buy?

It's no secret that cannabis businesses have been looking into ways to get more information out of their customers in a way that's not just friendly and positive but also helpful. Some dispensaries are open about using your personal information, while others only share what they need to keep their business running smoothly. Let’s take a closer look at the topic and find out the answer to the question, “Why do dispensaries scan your license?”

Why Do Dispensaries Scan ID? 

Cannabis dispensaries need to scan your ID for several reasons. Firstly, they need to track sales, inventory, customer, and employee data. They also want to know what products you like and how much loyalty you have with the dispensary. If a customer buys a product regularly and doesn't want it anymore, it's in their best interest for them not to sell it again since they'll lose money on that transaction.

Companies track this information to learn what customers will regularly buy, as well as when certain products are popular – and when they're not popular. This will allow them to manage their inventory more effectively and ensure they don't run out of inventory unexpectedly because of unexpected high demand or low supply due to an unexpected lack of demand (or vice versa.)

why do dispensaries scan id

How Does Scanning ID Works?

The ID scanner at your local dispensary will read the data on your driver’s license or other identification. It clearly displays your age, allowing the person scanning you to know if you’re 21 or not.

Once the ID scan is complete, the machine will show you three numbers: a six-digit code, an eight-digit code, and a four-digit code. The six-digit code is your age, the eight-digit code is your date of birth, and the four-digit code is your social security number. For example, let’s say you are 25 years old and were born on March 5th, 1996. Your six-digit code would be 25/03/1996, your eight-digit date of birth would be 03/05/1996, and your four-digit social security number would be 047022507002.

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Storing and Sharing Private Data: Do Dispensaries Track You?

Though your personal information isn’t entered into a federal database, not every visit to every cannabis dispensary is necessarily an exercise of privacy. Cannabis dispensaries vary in their openness about the information they gather. Some are open, while others keep their business practices a secret.

Some cannabis stores suggest you provide your private data as part of their loyalty program. Others ask for your contact information in case you have any questions. If you're wondering whether or not your private information is being collected, ask the budtender before you sign anything – that way, they can make sure it's safe for you to give them the information they need.

do dispensaries track how much you buy

Do dispensaries share information with the government? The answer is no. No state Cannabis Control Board requires the dispensaries to share customers' private information. In fact, most dispensaries have strict policies in place to protect their customers' privacy, including only keeping names and addresses for as long as necessary to fulfill orders. Additionally, many dispensaries are located in states that do not require them to collect any personal information from their customers at all.

But there are laws regulating the collection, storage, and use of personal information that vary from state to state. In some states, it's perfectly legal to collect and store personal information in cannabis shops. 

However, despite state regulations and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), some recreational marijuana dispensaries in California have been collecting customers' personal information. CCPA is a state law that governs how businesses are allowed to handle the personal information of California residents. But do all California marijuana dispensaries track purchases? No, it’s just a matter of the particular dispensary where you make the purchase. In Colorado, for instance, customers are not asked to provide any information other than their driver's license or ID when purchasing marijuana or alcohol.

In Massachusetts, all marijuana retailers must follow state guidelines, including those related to privacy and data protection. The state's cannabis commission has also set up procedures for handling customer data. For example, retailers must keep track of all purchases made by customers so they can be appropriately billed. 

To reduce the number of fake IDs used by young people, Nevada, Illinois, and New Jersey require that identification be scanned digitally to catch any forgeries. In addition, Illinois officials are working to ensure that the personal information of cannabis purchasers is removed from the system on a regular basis and that dispensaries prioritize customer privacy.

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The Marketing Behind ID Scanning

If you are a cannabis client, then you know that most dispensaries are using the information they gather from their clients to advertise. This can be both comforting and unnerving. It's comforting because you can feel assured that your information is safe with the dispensary, and it's unnerving because you don't want to be spied on and used for marketing purposes. But there are ways to keep your personal information out of their hands – and a lot of people don't realize that.

Firstly, many dispensaries do not collect or sell any personal information whatsoever. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etcetera – they only collect customer contact information so that they can send updates about sales and special deals to their customers. Secondly, if you provide your number or email address to a dispensary, they will not use it for marketing purposes unless specifically asked about it by you (or if you sign up for their newsletter.) Finally, if you do give them your personal information as part of signing up for something like this newsletter or other promotions offered at the store, then make sure that there are no terms in the agreement that allow them to use any of those details against you later on down the line!


Many states have laws that require dispensaries to verify their customers' ages before providing them with cannabis. Some states also limit how much marijuana a customer can buy in a day or month.

ID scanning allows dispensaries to comply with these regulations while making the process smoother for everyone involved. For example, when you go into the dispensary, you don't have to worry about remembering your driver's license number or finding it in your wallet. An employee scans your ID and immediately knows who you are and whether or not they can sell you cannabis. This makes things much faster and easier for both customers and employees!


ID scanning allows dispensaries to verify the ages of their customers, keep track of how much they purchase per day, and make the overall experience more pleasant. The person scanning your ID is a trained professional who understands that it is illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase cannabis products and that it's also illegal for anyone to sell them to you. They will only scan an ID if they believe you are 21 or older and not selling any cannabis to minors.
If you try and use a fake ID at a bar, liquor store, or cannabis shop, the employee can call the police and have you arrested as well as charge you with trespassing.
All dispensaries claim to be concerned about their customer's privacy, but not all of them are. Some dispensaries will keep your information indefinitely, and some will delete it after a short period. It's essential to ask before you give out your information to make sure you understand what kind of policy the dispensary has in place.
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