Finding Calm: How CBD Chews Aid in Reducing Anxiety in Dogs

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Finding Calm: How CBD Chews Aid in Reducing Anxiety in Dogs

Cannabidiol[1] is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike other compounds, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this compound isn’t linked to the psychoactive effect of marijuana. Yet, when interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it’s proven to induce a variety of therapeutic effects, including anxiety reduction.

Much like in humans, cannabidiol can provide a variety of benefits when used in animals. In dogs, endocannabinoids play a pivotal role in the release of neurotransmitters that regulate the following:

  • Mood
  • Inflammation
  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • And many other important processes in the pet’s body

Respectively, cannabidiol, which makes a positive impact on animals’ endocannabinoid system, is actively becoming a popular natural solution for a variety of conditions in dogs.

CBD products for pets are already widely used for calming and anti-anxiety purposes. In particular, pet owners often opt for CBD chews for dogs with anxiety, and we are here to tell you more about this product.

Dog CBD Chews for Anxiety

Dog CBD Chews for Anxiety: The Definition, Composition, and Mechanism

Chews are one of the many types of CBD pet treats. Typically, such treats come in the form of small, delicious bites that contain a few milligrams of cannabidiol in them.

The composition of these treats can vary depending on the chosen brand. Some popular ingredients include the following:

  • Peanut butter
  • Oats
  • Apples
  • Passionflower
  • Tapioca syrup
  • Chamomile
  • Coconut oil, etc.

Yet, the primary ingredient remains unchanged. It’s a pet CBD oil - a 100% organic, pure extract from the hemp plant.

The flavors of these treats can also vary. Currently, the most popular options on the market include peanut butter, poultry, and creamy coconut.

When administered to animals, cannabidiol from these treats interacts with their endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for maintaining a healthy balance in the body. When cannabidiol-based products[2] affect the natural ECS receptors, they regulate a variety of processes, providing calming and relaxing effects.

Before administering cannabidiol to your pet, it’s recommended to consult with a veterinarian for the right dosage. Here’s a general dosage table based on veterinarian suggestions:

Weight CBD Concentration
5 lbs 1 mg
10 lbs 2 mg
15 lbs 3 mg
20 lbs 4 mg
25 lbs 5 mg
>25 lbs 2 mg per every 10 lbs of weight

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Top Benefits of Hemp Dog Chews for Anxiety

Cannabidiol has long been used in psychiatric disorders[3] in humans, and it has shown excellent results in anxiety, stress, and depression management. In pets, this hemp compound is also showing a lot of potential. Over the past few years, we’ve seen many advances in cannabidiol use in canines (and other animals) for treating pain, inflammation, and anxiety[4]

As was mentioned earlier, just like in humans, cannabidiol-infused products affect the endocannabinoid system in animals. If we delve deeper, we can find that this non-psychoactive hemp compound primarily influences CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. CB2 receptors are located in the immune cells and peripheral tissues, which explains the positive effects of CBD on inflammation, pain, and other physical health conditions. CB1 receptors, on the other hand, are found in the central nervous system and brain, hence the calming, anti-oxidative, and stress-relieving effects.

All in all, while improving the ECS function in an animal, cannabidiol brings a wealth of other perks apart from anxiety reduction:

What are the perks of this natural remedy over conventional medicine? CBD has a non-psychoactive nature. That is, it does not cause the “high” feeling associated with cannabis consumption and, thus, doesn’t alter your pet’s perception or behavior, which is possible with certain medicines.

Secondly, cannabidiol is a fully natural and organic product that doesn’t contain any harmful add-ons. Due to this reason, pet owners often choose it for its long-term safety and minimized side effects. The primary side effects can include lowered blood pressure, drowsiness, and dry mouth. Nevertheless, they appear very rarely. In general, this hemp compound is considered to be safe and well-tolerated by dogs. So if you pick the right product and consult with a veterinarian for the perfect dosage, you should not notice any negative side effects.

Now, why should you choose chews in particular? Due to the high popularity of such health solutions, there is a huge range of cannabidiol products for animals. Namely, there are CBD pet drops, oils, tinctures, balms, and many other products. However, among all these options, chews seem to be the most trending. And there is a reason for that. Chews are delicious to dogs, which makes them very easy to administer to animals. Also, chews come with a carefully measured amount of CBD in them, which makes it easy to find and administer the right dose.

Hemp Dog Chews for Anxiety

AskGrower’s Experts’ Advice on the Best CBD Calming Chews for Dogs

Now that you know about the primary benefits of giving your pet calming CBD chews for dogs, you must be wondering how to find the best product for your furry friend. The truth is that the number of options is huge. Thus, the choice can be rather overwhelming.

Luckily, if you are looking for the best CBD treats for dog, we have you covered! In this part of our article, we will share with you a list of the best CBD calming dog chews hand-picked by AskGrower’s experts. Let’s see what’s there for your puppies.

VetCBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs (150 mg)

Our experts’ first pick is a product developed by VetCBD - a trusted US company that produces high-quality cannabidiol products for pets formulated by actual veterinarians. Calming CBD soft chews for dogs are made of full-spectrum cannabidiol and L-Theanine, which is a well-known amino acid with a potent relaxing effect.

A pack of these chews consists of 30 bites, with 5 mg of CBD each. They are formulated to soothe anxiety, promote relaxation, improve sleep, relieve discomfort, and improve the overall mood and health of your pets.

HolistaPet CBD Calming Chews for Dogs (300 mg)

HolistaPet is another top-rated manufacturer of cannabidiol goods meant specifically for animals. The brand’s calming chews are made using a unique formula that contains only natural components that will support your dog’s health and wellness.

These treats consist of broad-spectrum CBD, chamomile, choline chloride, L-Tryptophan, and phosphatidylcholine. Working together, these ingredients provide tangible relief for anxious pets and help improve their quality of life significantly. Another benefit is that the brand releases these treats in different strengths, which means that every owner should be able to find something suitable for their furry friends.

Penelope’s Bloom CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety, Heart, and Mobility Bundle (3 Pack Mix and Match, 300 mg)

If you are looking for the best way to deliver a daily dose of CBD for dogs to your beloved pet on a regular basis, this next suggestion is a great option for you. A well-known brand, Penelope’s Bloom offers pet owners a great mix of its best products. The pack includes chews for the anxiety and stress, heart and immunity, and joint mobility of your furry friend. This pack is a perfect solution if you want to reduce anxiety in your dog and improve their overall health.

The pack is available in two potencies - 300 mg or 600 mg. It contains full-spectrum CBD but 0% THC. Together, the products from this pack can provide your furry friends with all-natural and safe support for their mental and physical wellness.

Top Considerations to Choose the Right CBD Chews for Your Dog’s Anxiety

Now that you know about some of the best products recommended by AskGrower’s experts, let us give you a few simple tips that will help you find the right hemp dog calming chews that will suit your furry friend’s needs.

When shopping for the right product, keep in mind these critical considerations:

  • Hemp source and quality - Opt for all-natural products made of top-quality cannabidiol derived from quality, organically-grown hemp with no heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful components.
  • THC content - Most treats are THC-free, which means they are non-psychoactive. Nevertheless, some products may contain higher levels of THC (more than 0.3%), which can be harmful to your pet.
  • Brand reputation - Buy products from trusted and reputable brands that keep up with advanced safety and manufacturing standards.
  • Customer reviews - Always study real reviews from other buyers to confirm that the chosen product is of good quality.
  • Potency - Different products may contain different concentrations of CBD. Be sure to choose calming CBD treats for dogs that match your pet’s metabolism and the severity of the condition.
  • Added ingredients - Always study the composition of the product from A to Z to ensure there are no harmful ingredients or potential allergens.
  • Legal considerations - Last but not least important, ensure that you are aware of the legal status of cannabinoid-infused goods in your regions. CBD laws vary significantly in different countries and regions, so you really want to comply with them to be on a safe side.

Additionally, be sure to consult with a veterinarian. A professional will help you ensure that your pet can tolerate CBD adequately, and they will give suggestions on the right product and dosage. And lastly, be sure to keep an eye on your pet after administering CBD treats for dogs anxiety. This will let you notice any side effects and take appropriate action timely.

calming CBD chews for dogs


As you now know, using CBD dog chews anxiety can be incredibly beneficial for your furry friend. Numerous studies revealed the huge therapeutic potential of cannabidiol not only for humans but also for animals. This hemp compound can relax the central nervous system and interact with your pet’s endocannabinoid system in such a way as to improve their quality of life, health, and mental wellness. And it’s incredibly well-tolerated and, thus, safe for your animals.

Although the benefits are real, you now also know about the importance of picking the best products. When looking for the right treats for your dog, you must consider a variety of factors, such as the following:

  • Hemp source
  • Brand reputation
  • Product quality and safety
  • Potency
  • THC content
  • Add-ons
  • Customer reviews, etc.

By following the recommendations and guidelines from this article, you should be able to pick the right product that will help your beloved pet get rid of anxiety.

Lastly, let us remind you about the importance of consulting with a trusted veterinarian. This is a crucial safety measure that will help you improve your furry friend’s life and avoid potential side effects.


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Generally, cannabidiol is non-psychoactive and well-tolerated by dogs. On top of that, some of the best products on the market are made of organic and all-natural ingredients and carefully tested for safety. Still, it’s important to be aware of the possible side effects. To mitigate them, you must pick wisely and always follow the recommendations of your veterinarian concerning the right dosage for your furry friend.
The dosage and the frequency of administration depend on a number of factors, including the product type, cannabidiol concentration, your pet’s weight, individual response to the hemp compound, and the severity of the condition. Generally, it’s recommended to start with a low dosage and less frequent administration and gradually increase if it’s needed. But be sure to follow the product’s guidelines and consult with a veterinarian for the best outcomes.
The speed of the effects depends on several factors, such as your animal’s metabolism, cannabidiol concentration, and the severity of the condition. It’s worth noting that different products have different absorption rates, for example, oils generally kick in faster. On average, you should notice the calming effect within 30 minutes to an hour after treating your dog with CBD.
Generally, cannabidiol itself doesn’t cause drowsiness or sedation to the extent of putting an animal to sleep. It is a non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating compound that is generally considered absolutely safe. Nevertheless, some pets may experience mild relaxation or drowsiness after administering CBD to them. This most often happens due to higher dosages. Otherwise, the calming effect of this compound is beneficial.
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